Dec 24, 2011

How Secure is your Home?

Our homes are a supposed to be a safe haven and it is easy to believe that this is the case without ever challenging the actual security that it has to offer. Being able to control who is invited into our homes often makes us believe we are in control of who can enter our homes. The high rate of robberies which are perpetrated every year challenges this perception. This article will consider 7 questions to help you determine how safe your home is:

Are your windows secured?

Windows provide the most common route of entry into a home. They are more frequently left open than doors, but they are also easier to force open whilst undetected. Installing crimsafe in Brisbane can help to protect your windows by making them practically impenetrable. This will offer solid protection from forced entry. It is also possible to install shutters in Brisbane to the same effect. Whatever you decide, it is important to remember to lock windows when you are out and draw curtains so that thieves cannot see into your property.

Do you have security lights?

The front and back of your home should be covered by motion sensing security lights. Security lights which operate with either a heat sensor or a movement sensor will alert you to the approach of burglars and will most likely deter them from attempting to enter your home.

Is your shed locked?

A locked shed doesn’t only stop thieves from stealing your tools, it will also stop them from gaining easy access to your house. Anything from ladders to hammers can provide the burglar with the tools to help them enter your home.

Does your garage have a roller door?

A roller door is harder to open than a standard garage door but it is still important to prevent entry. Do not leave cars on the drive with the garage remote inside. It is also important to lock the door which connects onto the garage from your house. This door should be treated as an external door to protect your property even if they can enter the garage.

Are all of the doors secure?

Most burglaries involve some sort of unlocked door or window. The entry point is very rarely the front door so be sure to lock all doors to the same level and utilise the locks at all times.

Is your garden surrounded by a high fence?

If your garden is surrounded by a high fence, trees or bushes, then you are actually creating the environment that a thief wants. This type of privacy may make it harder for the thief to enter your home but it will cover their actions as they steal, from you. Leave your property visually open so there is more chance of neighbours noticing what is going on.

Do you know the name a telephone numbers of your neighbours?

Knowing your neighbours is the best way to protect your house. If everyone looks out for one another then there is far less chance that a crime will be permitted unnoticed. Arrange to meet with all of your neighbours to create a safer environment.

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