Feb 17, 2012

1 to 8: The Perfect Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming at us again hard and fast, and before we know it we’ll be at the pointy end of the stick with no Christmas presents bought, no groceries done and no plans for how you’re going to pull it all off.

So you’ve decided to opt for online shopping when it comes to your kid’s toys this year? It’s a great choice – you get more variety, more ideas and more time to browse, without wasting time walking around from store to store. In just five minutes each day, you can get your entire shop done, without leaving your home, fighting the crowds or getting bogged down in things you don’t need. So what should be on your list this year?

For little boys:
- Figurines
While little boys may not be into dolls as such, there are a vast range of figurines being released regularly, that everyone wants to get their hands on. Think about the latest kid’s Hollywood action movie that your son liked, there will definitely be a figurine to match it. You can get soldier figures with guns that work and attachments that change, robots, flying ones, superheroes and a range of other dolls that boys will be more than happy to play with.

- Collectables
A step away from figures, and perhaps for the slightly older boy, collectibles are usually made around cult films, and if kept in mint condition, can fetch a hefty price when sold in years to come. If your child is a bit of a sci-fi geek, think about starting, or adding to their collection of collectables.

- Computer and console games
Becoming more and more popular and growing in range continuously, are computer and console games. This year, if you have a Wii or Playstation, why not get your child up and out of their seat, with a game that requires some physical activity. A great option is an extreme sports game, for example snow boarding, where your child will have to weave, turn and jump around to make his way to the bottom of the mountain.

- Projects:
Finally, over the Christmas break, you are going to have your child at home for up to six weeks, so you want to keep them busy. Think
online toys that are a bit of a project. Leggo in particular put out a great range of very intricate and detailed technical building projects – so grab yourself a few!

Little girls:
- Dolls
It’s something you can never go past and always an easy stocking filler. As well as the princesses and female characters from the latest Hollywood movies, Barbie generally releases a new doll or two around Christmas time, and if not, you can’t forget the classics like baby born or Bratz dolls. If your daughter has enough dolls, what about accessories?

- Camera
Toy manufacturers have this year released a digital camera just for kids. With a hard casing that makes it drop resistant, it is a great gift to make her feel grown up and like mummy, and also to capture life how she sees it.

- Books
If, like most, your little girl is quite the reader, why not make a book or two a staple of the Christmas stocking every year? It means you take up some space, but more importantly, at least one of your gifts is a little educational.

- Projects
The best project type gifts around for little girls are the ones that enable them to create their own little fashion items. Thinks like bedazzlers, and fashion kits will be a hit and keep her entertained for hours.

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