Feb 22, 2012

6 Steps to Moving On After a Divorce

A divorce is a major life change, but it can be the first step to creating a new life and a happier you. The first thing you should do is have a plan, but before you do this seek legal advice to help attain what is rightfully yours – then you can assess your financial situation.

Next you’ll want to figure out what your options are in regards to housing – if you have decided to move out, the sooner you decide on a place and book removalists, the better. Just make sure to update all of your policies including your contents insurance.

Now that you have a plan you should:

1. Out with the old and in with the new - forget about the anger and cast away any feelings of regret. At some point you will have to accept this change. How quickly you do this is up to you, but remember that the time spent angry and regretful is wasted time – you can’t do anything about the past but you can do something for the future.

2. Define a new relationship with your ex – this is extremely important if you have kids together. Make sure you cast aside your old relationship as husband and wife and embrace your new relationship as common allies for your children.

3. Rally the support – this is your hour of need so get the troops together and tell them that you need some help. Your family and closest friends will be able to provide invaluable support to you in ways you never thought imaginable, so make sure you let them.

4. Think positive thoughts – it’s amazing what you can achieve with the power of positive thinking. Focus on your strengths and skills and use them to help you achieve your new plan.

5. Spend time with your kids – do something fun with them and talk to them about the divorce – just make sure you are supportive and receptive to their comments and questions.

6. Re-discover your passion – find something that will help you to get out of bed on even the most darkest of days.

Remember, divorces aren’t easy. Give yourself some time to get use to this huge change and your new life. And take some time for yourself. Every now and again, be selfish and do something that you like, whether it be getting a massage, joining a gym, partaking in a weekly aerobics class or reconnecting with an old hobby.

And surround yourself with positive people who make you laugh – there will be some rocky roads to travel down in the next year or so, but the journey will be less bumpy if you have great friends supporting you.

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