Feb 23, 2012

How to Make Your Eyes Look Their Best

Want to boost your glamour factor? As the windows to your soul, your eyes are a great place to start. Read on for excellent tips on eye care, eye makeup and brow grooming that will complement a beautiful eyebrow transplant.

Eye care

Always apply eye cream gently with your fourth finger and pat the cream back and forth under the eye from the outer corner and working inward. Don’t apply it on your eyelids at night because it will cause puffy lids as the cream prevents that fragile skin area from breathing.

To reduce eye bags, look for eye creams with ingredients like vitamin K and horse chestnut as they decrease puffiness and blood flow in the thin skin area. Another option is to place a cucumber slice on your eyelids for about ten minutes so the high water and mineral content of the cucumber can absorb into your fragile thin eye skin.


To avoid the brush touching your eyelid when applying mascara, look down into a mirror and brush through lashes from roots to tips. Always wiggle your mascara wand on the base of your lashes so they can look long and thick. Also, eyelash curlers are perfect for opening up eyes. Curl at the base then at the halfway point, holding for about ten seconds each time.

Mascara formulations
· Lengthening – These mascaras are designed to make it easier to apply on eyelash tips, the best area for length extension.
· Thickening – Adds volume to the lashes with a darker pigment for a dense look.
· Curling – The best for short lashes with polymers that give lift and curve.
· Non-smudging – Waterproof mascara that repels water and reduces smudging and running, which is great for swimmers and criers. However, avoid excessive use as it dries out lashes.
· Non-clumping – Moisture-rich mascara that allows the mascara to glide on smoothly with its long bristles, but without the benefits of volume and length.


Eyeliner is perfect for giving the look of thicker and long lashes, while also highlighting your eyes.

Eyeliner formulations
· Pencil – The easy, everyday option, but tends to smudge, so should be set with powder eyeshadow. However, kohl pencils are softer with an almost powdery consistency, which are good for soft daytime looks and smoky, evening eyes.
· Gel – Gel liners don’t dry as fast as liquid so there’s more time to blend. Fortunately, it lasts longer than the pencil and is smudge proof.
· Powder – The most natural-looking eyeliner, powder gives a softer line, but can wear off quickly, so an eyeliner brush is needed to apply.

Eyeliner colours

Women with brown eyes suit black sapphire shades, while blue or green eyes look great in brownish black colours.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow ultimately makes your eyes pop and can give a dramatic statement, whether it’s bright or smoky.

Eye shadow formulations
· Powder – Can be used both wet and dry and is the most versatile, long lasting shadow that works for all skin types. However, they can make lids look dry and can reveal fine lines.
· Cream – Cream shadows give a soft, younger look but gather in creases on oily skin. It’s best to blend with a brush and set with a powder shadow in the same shade for durability.
· Pencil – Containing shimmery shadow, the pencil is the most convenient and portable, and can double as eyeliner. Unfortunately, the pencil can wear down and lose its shape, so it needs to be regularly sharpened.

Eye shadow colours

For neutral shades, women with dark or olive skin look great in warm colours like peachy or golden taupes, whereas fairer skin suits icier shades like pale beiges and neutrals with cool pink undertones. For brighter colours, green eyes suit warm aubergine or violet shades, while a rich copper or gold colour suits blue eyes. Brown eyes can generally wear any shade.

Eyebrow grooming

The best area to start plucking and shaping brows is at the inner edge of your eyes and near the bridge of your nose. Form a gentle, tapered round edge, not a straight one. Remember to always pluck hairs from underneath the brow as close to the root as possible, pulling the hair out towards the temple in quick strokes.

For the ultimate in
eyebrow restoration for thin brows, use a brow powder or pencil to help create the illusion of a fuller brow. Use light and upward strokes, and then use a clear brow gel to hold hairs in place.

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