Feb 15, 2012

Broken Hill- Good Enough for Princess Mary

Broken Hill
Princess Mary’s recent visit to Broken Hill in NSW provided welcome media attention on the mining town as well as the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The royal’s interest in the important work of the service may bring a focus for increased tourism to the region. Broken Hill, like other mining towns, often has more going for it than what is found beneath the surface.

Capital of the OutbackUnless you are travelling in a private jet, flanked by body guards carrying high tech communication devices and reside in a Royal palace then travel insurance is a fine idea. A road trip through the outback beginning at Broken Hill can be a great adventure. Travellers often use the town as a starting point to explore the great Australian interior; hence Broken Hill carries the title of ‘Capital of the Outback’.

Travel InsuranceTravel insurance can cover for such things as sports, hiking and other physical activities associated with an outback adventure or travelling through isolated areas. Travel insurance provides peace of mind and allows you to let go and enjoy your travel experience. You can feel as gracious as Princess Mary when greeting strangers knowing your health and valuables are secure.

BallaratAnother Australian mining town worth visiting is Ballarat in Victoria. Known mainly for its gold mining boom and bloody revolution at Eureka Stockade, Ballarat has many notable attributes. Ballarat accommodation is both central and plentiful; visitors can enjoy fine heritage buildings, historical sites and fossicking.

Ballarat is a Local Government Area with a tradition of strong community development; as could be witnessed in Broken Hill for the arrival of Princess Mary. This local support for the RFDS was evident at the luncheon reception for Princess Mary. The Broken Hill Ladies Auxiliary, long renowned as fund raisers and supporters, were honoured guests at the function.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
The Royal Flying Doctor Service is an essential medical service for those living in rural and remote areas of Australia. The presence of Princess Mary of Denmark provided an ideal opportunity for the RFDS to formally acknowledge the support of the Broken Hill community. Broken hill is also a major base for The School of the Air. School of the Air is an organisation that provides educational correspondence for primary and secondary school children living in remote areas.

Environment Sustainability Strategy
The Environment Sustainability Strategy is a proposition for ensuring Ballarat’s development is environmentally sound. According to the City of Ballarat website, “the strategy will not only implement protection and enhancement of the natural environment it will raise awareness and increase community’s participation and partnerships in environmental issues”.

Community Spirit
Both Ballarat and Broken Hill are towns that share something special in common; community spirit. These communities give backing to important organisations and schemes aimed at aiding the environment and citizens while at the same time securing the health and wellbeing of future generations.


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