Feb 3, 2012

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Overseas

Holidays and birthdays can be a hard time when you have a loved one abroad. As much as you want them to be at home to celebrate with you, many people simply cannot afford to fly home or get the time off from work. The chances are good that if you miss them, then they miss you too, and they would really appreciate a gift from home, and to know that you are thinking about them. There are lots of great gifts that are easy to send or have delivered to your loved one, so here are a few ideas.

Flowers are classic gifts to give your loved one, and luckily for you, they are extremely easy to order online and to have delivered to most places in the world. Whether you want to send Valentines Day flowers, birthday flowers or just to say, "I'm thinking of you", you can browse through hundreds of bouquets online and choose the perfect one. Your loved one will be over the moon when the fresh bouquet arrives at their door.

Care Packages
You know your loved one really well, and so you probably know some of their favourite things from home that they may be missing. Sending care packages is a great way to help ease the culture shock or homesickness that is common for travellers, especially if they are filled with all their favourite foods, music, games or anything else from home. If you are short on time, it is easy to order a gift basket online and have it sent straight to your loved one, wherever they may be.

Reading Material

If your loved one is a big reader, then they will appreciate a gift of books, newspapers or magazines, especially if the reading materials are from home. If they have a favourite magazine, then getting them a subscription for it will ensure they receive one regularly. E-readers and Kindles are also a great option, especially if they are sent along with a gift voucher to an online bookstore such as Amazon, which will mean that they can choose a title from all of their favourites and have access to all the newest releases as well.


Although you may already be talking regularly over Skype, a video greeting is another gift idea for your loved one who can't come home to visit during holidays. Get as many different people as possible to record their own personalised greeting, and your loved one will be able to play the messages as many times as they want while they're away.

Digital Picture Frame

Sending pictures to people overseas has never been easier now that there is digital picture frame technology. These are great because you can load them up with thousands of photos, and they will still be small and light enough to send abroad. Your loved one will enjoy the continuous slide show of pictures from home, especially if they are feeling homesick. Additionally, you can continue to send photos in digital form throughout the time you loved one is away, and they can easily load the photos onto the digital frame with the others.

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Jona February 07, 2012  

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