Feb 16, 2012

Vintage Jewellery Storms Fashion Week

During London fashion week, several of the hottest runway shows had one striking feature in common - vintage jewellery. This trend can hardly be called a trend anymore; it''s been around for years and it looks like it''s here to stay. Yet another reason to start building your very own stunning vintage jewellery collection!

The eras on display varied greatly. This is one of the very best aspects of vintage jewellery and clothing - anything goes! Whether you prefer the free-spirit feathers and fringe of the 1970''s or the primly flirtatious 1950''s, it''s all in style. Check out the runways for inspiration, then hit the stores to dig up your very own vintage treasures.

Old and New

One of the hottest ways to wear vintage is to mix pieces from bygone eras with the very latest in haute couture. These unexpected pairings look fresh, fun and give you a chance to follow the trends while still sticking to your own personal style.Active wear got a fresh look on UK runways this year. This ''new'' trend could actually be considered a throwback to the athletics-heavy 80''s or even 90''s, when sportswear was a style staple. While the newest fashions incorporate sportswear fabrics in unexpected ways, we''re sure you can think up some great original ideas of your own to try out this trend.

Flowery Fresh

Another hot trend this year is patterns. Florals are always a popular pattern, and this year they''re as big as ever - literally! Designers are forgetting the safe, demure small polka dots and floral patterns of previous years and creating designs that are as beautiful as they are big. Now, the savvy vintage shopper could take this trend a few different ways. Flowers were practically a necessity in the 1960''s, but floral patterned dresses were also huge in the 1950''s. Regardless of which era draws your attention, there are tons of beautiful vintage dresses out there sporting large floral prints in bold colors.

Not feeling up to wearing an entire dress in a bold floral? Try a scarf instead. Wrapped around your neck, tied as a belt or worn in your hair, scarves are an ideal way to try out new trends. Even better, vintage fashion is full of scarves! For a really fresh take on the floral trend, steal some style tips from urban life and knot a bright, bold flowered scarf around your head. Let the ends flow out from beneath your hair in the back to up the femininity. This totally unexpected look is a little bit gangster, a little bit couture, a little bit hippie and one-hundred-percent hot.

It''s easy to see just how versatile and fun the hottest runway looks are this year. Even better, they feature some of the most beautiful vintage jewellery and vintage-inspired patterns in recent memory! Have fun adding some new pieces to your vintage collection, inspired by the latest designer trends. Remember that the best and most stylish looks don't'' come from directly copying trends - they come from taking those trends and making them your own.

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