Feb 3, 2012

Objects in Mirror: They More Beautiful than They Appear

Beauty is something every woman notices, even if she prides herself on never judging a book by its cover. It is difficult not to notice the beauty in things, even if it is not immediately evident, such as a wonderful book with an ugly cover or the sweet disposition of a ferocious looking dog. Because women are so conscious of beauty in every aspect of their lives, they are especially critical of themselves.

When a woman feels anything less than beautiful it shows in many forms; her self-esteem suffers, her confidence is lacking and she feels powerless instead of powerful. All of these negative feelings have a negative impact on a woman’s immune system and overall quality of life, which is particularly detrimental to women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is like a thief; it sneaks up on a woman and takes her most valuable possessions when she isn’t looking. At that moment it time, a women’s life flashes before her eyes and even the simplest of things can seem out of reach, especially if the cancer has a low life-expectancy or is really aggressive. Even a woman’s ability to see herself as beautiful can be stripped away. Fortunately, women can fight cancer by not allowing it to take away their happiness and their ability to feel beautiful in their own skin.

One way a woman can feel beautiful, even when she sees herself as anything but is to do something really decadent for herself. A trip to the spa or salon, an appointment for a professional makeup artist to do her makeup or a shopping trip where she purchases herself the most amazing shoes she’s ever seen can make a woman feel instantly more beautiful.

Another way she can make herself feel beautiful is to dress up and go out for some fun, whether it is with her husband, significant other or her girlfriends. Dressing up to the nines and letting go of all of her stress for the night is a surefire method to feel beautiful.

Something a woman can do for herself on a daily basis is to create an “I love you because…” frame. Take a simple photo frame and place a piece of pretty stationary with the phrase “I love you because…” on it inside the frame in place of a photo. Place the frame on the kitchen counter with a dry erase marker next to it and every morning when she wakes up, she can see what her family members wrote on the frame for her. “I love you because….you took me to the movies last night” or “I love you because…you make the best spaghetti in town” or “I love you because…you are beautiful inside and out” or any other reason a woman’s family has for loving her is sure to make her feel like a million dollars, despite her cancer diagnosis.

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