Feb 8, 2012

The Sport of Golf Holidays Offers You the Best Opportunity to Relax with Your Family

Forget about golf widows, or indeed golf widowers. Whether it’s a day out or golf holidays over a fortnight, golf can be family fun. First of all, pick the right golf course. Don’t take the family to a golf club where children are not welcome or may be treated with disdain by the club staff. Find a course with a small, nine-hole putting green that could be a suitable starting place for an enthusiastic youngster who would like to learn the sport.

Nature Studies

Walk around the course and the sides of the fairways, through copses and long grass and teach your children about nature. Sheep and cattle graze the coarse grass on golf courses on Scotland’s west coast. Other courses in Britain have sand dunes and heath lands, limestone grasslands and parklands. Stroll around slowly and leave everyone to explore at their own pace. You might even try some bird watching!

Make it a more social occasion by arranging a day out on the golf course with other friends and their families. Some may play golf, others may not, but everyone will enjoy the day outdoors. There are usually facilities for those who just want to sit with a drink and relax.


Don’t waste the opportunity to get your children to learn the sport. The younger they are when they first take up a golf club, the better they will be. There’s no need for any heavy persuasion to introduce children to golf. Leave them alone to wander around the course and, eventually, they will become curious about the game. You can teach them to be your caddy when they are strong enough to lift the bags.

Always enlist an instructor to teach family members to play golf. Children, most of all, will quickly tire of listening to you telling them what to do on golf holidays. They get enough of that at home and this is supposed to be fun.

As they take lessons and maybe win an occasional competition, their sporting success will translate into more confident personalities. Very soon, you may find that you are having regular family golfing. That’s when you might have to prepare for the time when your kids beat you at golf.


Major sporting events are always fun family days out. Try to take the family to a professional golf tournament whenever one is held nearby and you can get the tickets. An interest in a sport will develop in almost anyone who watches the real masters of game competing.

Many golf courses today are attached to larger-scale leisure centres and hotels that cater especially for families. Even if a family member does not want to play or watch golf, there will be something else to do such as tennis or swimming.

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