Apr 3, 2013

Best Hollywood Smile

Have you ever noticed how just about everyone in Hollywood has perfect teeth?  As the German dentist who recommended I get braces said, “your teeth are acceptable, but if you want the Hollywood smile then you will have to get braces”.  As a teenager the thought of braces was not exactly appealing.  Train tracks as they are more commonly known are what people think of when they think braces.  Large rectangles of metal stuck unceremoniously on the front of your teeth and then joined by a nice bit of silver wire….stunningly beautiful.  Ugly they might be but worth it.  12 months of discomfort for a lifetime of straight teeth, your first step towards the ‘Hollywood smile’.

Some might call it vanity but taking a little pride in your appearance is not necessarily a bad thing and sorting out crooked teeth is something that is most definitely worth it in the long run.  Teenagers might protest but what do they know?  Youthful exuberance will pull them through the issues associated with having a mouth full of metal!

Not everyone may have had the opportunity to have their teeth straightened when they were younger – in fact not everyone needs to have their teeth straightened.  For those who may not have had any cosmetic dentistry done when younger, they may now be apprehensive about getting braces at a more mature age.  However, there are now other solutions available to people who might fall into this category.

Invisible braces are now common place (even though you might not see them for obvious reasons!).  Invisalign are the number one brand when it comes to these types of braces and many dentists actively promote using this product.  FYI invisible braces are also known as lingual braces if you have been wondering what lingual braces were!  I know a number of people in their 30’s that have opted for this solution to the Hollywood smile – for them  train tracks was not a viable option considering their occupations.  Invisible braces come in a number of forms, Invisalign being a thin clear gum shield, other products are effectively train tracks that are set behind the teeth as to be invisible.  Whatever the product, they do the job and do not present the same sort of aesthetic issues as the dreaded train tracks!  They are also offered by dentists such as http://www.progressivedentistry.co.uk/ so you do not have to find a different dentist to conduct your general check-ups and then another one to fit your braces!

The timelines will obviously vary between people dependant on the treatment needed.  However, you must remember that it is temporary and that you will thank yourself later in life.  The discomfort that you go through in order to straighten your teeth is definitely worth it – so don’t put it off.  The aesthetic excuses that were strongly associated with train tracks are no longer present with the evolution of invisible braces.  As such, if you have been delaying straightening your teeth because of the fear of train tracks, do your research and get a quote because some of the issues that were inevitably causing concern for you may no longer be in your way!

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