Apr 16, 2013

VMware Certified Professional – Cloud

The industry of information technology is considered as one of the most challenging and competitive fields in the world. As the technology keeps on changing and evolving so as the IT professionals too. IT professionals can enhance their career by obtaining IT certification. These certifications will validate one’s knowledge and skills of a professional. VMware Certified Professional – Cloud is one of the leading certifications today.

The VMware Certified Professional – Cloud is a certification that will validate IT professional’s capacity to configure, administer and install a Cloud scheme vCloud as well as associated components.

Triumphant candidates show core vSphere capabilities in widening date virtualization via the cloud by managing and creating service catalogs, vApps as well as provider/organization VDC’s. This also applicable for provider who administer cloud enabled storage and networking. This competency is actually designed according on the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage, scale, deploy and install VMware vSphere environment together with a solid foundation about the basic VMware cloud infrastructure theory that includes cloud security, multi-tenancy, private/public/ hybrid clouds, cloud security and multi-tenancy.

How to Become VMware Certified Professional – Cloud
IT professionals who are planning to acquire the VMware Certified Professional – Cloud certification must be able to pass the examination. This is one common requirement for any IT certification.

Interested candidates have two options in acquiring VMware Certified Professional – Cloud. These paths actually differ according to the qualification of the candidates for this certification.

Path 1 for VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Certification
The candidate must be a certified in VMware Certifications Professional 5 or Data Center Virtualization.  Passing the exam will require one to acquire the certification. In order to succeed in this endeavor, you need to take the suggested to prepare for the IaaS examination. These training courses are vCenter Chargeback Fundamentals and vCloud Director: Install, Configure and Manage. These

Path 2 for VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Certification
This path requires the interested to attend a course that can help him or her qualify for this certification. These courses are VMware vClould VCP510: Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud [V1.5] and vCloud Director: Install, Configure and Manage. You need to pass the Cloud exam in order to acquire the certification successfully.

Benefits of VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Certification
Once the candidate successfully passes the IT certification, it offers several benefits and advantages that can be useful and effective. Aside from being recognized in the industry as one of the best IT professional, the following are some of the benefits of this certification:
·         Official transcripts
·         Acknowledgement of your skills and knowledge
·         Discounts on some VMware events
·         Request to beta exams and classes
·         Access to VCP Portal and Logo Merchandise Store
·         A chance to use the logo of VMware Certified Professional Cloud logo

In conclusion, passing any IT certification is not an easy task. If you really want to succeed, all you need to do is to have patience and determination as you prepare for the certification effectively. Passing the VMware Certified Professional Cloud offers you a great career opportunity that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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