Apr 12, 2013

Women’s Buying New Car Guide: Things to Do before Visiting Car Dealers

To start with, I’m not an expert of car stuff but having read recently quality articles on women’s car buying guidance makes me interested to emphasize some important points derived from what I’ve read here.

For most women, buying a new car is one of their big decisions. Based on the facts mentioned that women have bought 54% of the cars in the USA and women affect more than 80% of the whole vehicle buying conclusions; women should be respected as important car buyers. But unfortunately, many women still fear to face their car buying experience as there’s a sad truth: lots of female car buyers don’t get respect at car dealers!

Things to consider before walking into a car dealer
As mentioned before, many women commonly get ignored at car dealers as lots of car salespeople still think that most women don’t have adequate comprehension about cars and the whole car purchasing process. There’s a study in Chicago stated that women –compared to men buyers- are often offered higher car prices and different treatment at car dealers. They try to take benefit of women’s lack of car knowledge.

So, to handle this inequitable treatment –before walking into a car dealer- make sure that you have been equipped with comprehensive and required information on the chosen car model. I write more about how to get informed below.

Learn to bargain effectively would be helpful.  For instance, always start negotiating with the invoice price –it’s said that $300 to $500 over the car invoice price is a reasonable offered rate. You may attain the invoice price information from the Customer Reports.

Doing Research

Doing research to finally obtain the new car you need at the price you can afford is a very important thing to do. Don’t be hesitant to spend your times in gathering useful information from trusted sources.


1.Early Research

You can begin your search to observe new cars at these sources:

Internet : Many people prefer to browse online to obtain their required information. The internet can be a perfect place to gather information on new cars in the market –at your comfort and convenience. You may achieve much related knowledge; from car guide, car prices, car features, car reviews and many others that you need to know more.  It's a great source to support you decide which car you’d like to have!

Newspapers : Local newspapers usually publish special car news and features at least once a week. It can be a good place to discover the latest local dealers’ advertisements for new cars. 

Television : You can see different car commercials in television. Looking at those ads repeatedly and visually perhaps can help you out to choose the car model that suits your preference.

Family members and friends: Tell people whom you trust that you’re searching for a new car. You may get useful suggestion and opinion from the real car owners’ experience. Furthermore, they may give you recommended car dealers where they got positive buying experience. You can learn from other’s experience.

2.Expanded Research

Early research should lead you to more narrowed car models. Getting broaden knowledge about your chosen model from these sources would benefit you more.

Consumer reports: You may use consumer online reports on new cars that provided by many commercial and non-profit institutions.  Some consumer reports contain the rating of new cars, closely comparisons, pricing information, reliability, fuel saving, features and performance.

Safety records: Safety issue should be one of your priorities. You can obtain and review the safety performance reports of your car model that offered by related websites like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It’s a great method to assure that the model you’d like to buy is a safe car.

Insurance rates: What car you choose to purchase and your driving record will affect how much your recent provided insurance rates. You may get free comparison quotes at some auto insurance resource websites.

Potential resale rate  
It’s also important to find out the potential resale value of your chosen car. There are car reviews that mentioned models which have the best resale rates, you should know about those –though your chosen model doesn’t include this category.

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