Apr 5, 2013

Sky Watch : Before and After Sunset

Before Sunset. Captured about 5.25 pm.
After Sunset. Captured about 6.15 pm
Last Sunday, I captured these sky moments from the back area of a sea view restaurant that located inside a huge Ancol Park.  
Location : Bandar Djakarta Restaurant ( Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia).

9 komentar:

Anonymous April 05, 2013  

Wow - how stunning!

Luna Miranda April 05, 2013  

beautiful golden glow.
have a great weekend, Lina.

Liz April 05, 2013  

Lovely captures. Happy sky watching.

My sky.

thomas April 05, 2013  

Wow!wow!wow!This's a real beauty,
one that i would love to wait for.

Faye April 05, 2013  

Great approach to photographing the sky--or any nature scene actually. Love focusing on one image and catching the changes over a time. So dramatic what can happen in a short time.

TexWisGirl April 05, 2013  

gorgeous gold!

Laura April 05, 2013  

so beautiful!!! have a lovely weekend:-)

Carver April 06, 2013  

Very beautiful sky and scene.

Serline April 07, 2013  

Stunning sunset sky!

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