Apr 3, 2013

Make Your Own Jewellery

Making your own fashion jewellery can be very exciting, creative, and also entertaining! There are many websites available that sell jewellery making supplies, so you have endless options. Beaded bracelets are extremely trendy, and there are thousands of different types of beads that you can purchase online for this project. It is best to get a mixed selection of sizes and colours, so that you have exactly what you want on hand. If you follow the simple steps below, then you can have amazing looking bracelets to match every outfit in your closet. Be sure to have crimping pliers, clasps, beads and elastic on hand before you begin.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is separate your beads by colour. This makes it much easier to grab what you want when you are stringing them. It doesn’t matter if the sizes are different; you only need to worry about colour separation. This will make the following processes much easier and indeed faster. You will then need to determine what beads you want to use for the particular bracelet that you are making. If you have a particular sequence that you want them strung in, then you need to line them up exactly as you want them strung.

Step 2

Step two will begin with cutting the elastic or wire for your beaded bracelet. This can be tricky at times if you are using elastic, because the elastic is stretchy and pliable, so you will have to be really careful about cutting it at the exact length that you want.  6-8 inches of elastic or wire should be sufficient for an average size bracelet, remember that you can always cut the excess off but adding more is incredibly hard! This will give you plenty of length to apply your beads, and to still have enough room left to easily attach the clasp. Once your elastic or wire is cut, you are all set to move on to step 3.

Step 3

This is where the fun begins. To begin this step, you will need to get a crimp bead. Place this on what would be the end of your bracelet, then force the bead shut with your crimping pliers. This will allow you to string the beads easily without the worry that they will slide off.  After your crimp bead is securely in place, slide another bead over the top to hide the starting crimp bead. The next phase will be to string on the rest of your beads in the order that you want them. When you get to the last bead, you will want to place another crimp bead on the end, just like you did at the beginning. Secure the elastic or wire by making a firm knot, and trim off any excess elastic. If you are using wire, then simply thread the wire through the clasp, and fasten.

This project is great for all ages. You can make really neat fashion jewellery by creating things yourself, and the best part is that nobody else will have anything like what you have made. It will be a one of a kind piece. Beads can be bought in bulk, so you can make hundreds of beautiful bracelets without spending a lot of money.

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