Apr 5, 2013

Single Ladies: How to Protect Yourself in Your Home

Single Ladies: How to Protect Yourself in Your Home -As a woman, you have to learn to trust your instincts. That could mean turning down a job offer or waiting for the next elevator. It could also mean taking safety precautions because you feel as you're being followed. Whatever the situation, keep your personal safety in mind. Whether you're recently divorced, on your own for the first time or anywhere in between, these steps can increase your home security:


Get to Know Your Neighbors

You don't have to be best friends with them, but get to know your neighbors. You never know when you may need their help.


Don't Overshare!

Be careful about how much information you're sharing online. Even on private social networks you don't want to broadcast that you're leaving town for a week. This information can be alluring to criminals — even if they're people you know. According to 2009 statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, women knew their offenders in almost 70 percent of violent crimes committed against them. Be aware when you're sharing information with, and don't brag about vacations until you return home from them.


Adopt a Pet

Animals not only offer companionship, but some can serve as added protection, as well. Your furry friend doesn't have to be a guard dog — even just a small watch dog that barks at the sign of a disturbance can alert you and your neighbors of possible problems. Even if, you can't get a dog for allergy, preference or leasing reasons, consider posting a "Beware of Dog" sign on your fence or in your window. The notice may be enough to scare strangers away for fear of being bitten or attracting attention by being barked at.


Arm Your Alarm

If you have a security system, make sure to use it. Though many homeowners have security alarms, they often don't activate them out of habit or inconvenience — and thieves know it. Get into the habit of arming your alarm, even if you're only going out for an hour or two. Some security companies such as Life Shield allow users to arm and disarm systems virtually, which makes it convenient if you arrive at work and realize you forgot to activate your alarm system.


Key Control

Be mindful of how many house keys you give out and whom you give them to. Be careful only to give one to a family member or close friend. You don't want to lose track of those keys by giving them to cleaning crews, maintenance workers and casual associates — which can decrease your security.


Practice Safe Behavior

Don't give peeping Toms and 21th-century oddballs the opportunity to peer into your window, eying you or your fancy electronics and jewelry. Get in the habit of closing your curtains. Be aware of other habits and see where you improve — such as always using your front door's peephole, locking all windows and asking solicitors or strangers at your door for ID.


Trim Those Hedges

Maintaining landscaping isn't just about keeping up appearances — you and your home's security could depend on it. Thieves often used overgrown bushes to hide behind while they're peering into your windows or mapping out their point of entry. Keep your shrubbery short and clean to allow visibility and avoid hiding places.


Illuminate — Don't Procrastinate!

Whether you're a homeowner or apartment dweller, don't let a burned-out light bulb go unchanged. Immediately replace light bulbs to keep your home lit and visible by neighbors and passersby. Considermotion-activated lighting that will draw attention to a usually dark area and alert you or neighbors of a disturbance. 

Author Bio : Graham Keller
As supervisor in a homeless shelter, Graham understands the importance of a community and working together. He writes regularly about sustainability and eco-friendly products and services.

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