Apr 30, 2013

Quality Kids Nerd Costume

It’s still more than 180 days until next Halloween, but it’s never wrong to start preparing your Halloween costumes sooner. Halloween is commonly considered to be the enjoyable holiday of the year, but only if you have the right costume that your kid dreams to wear.  Therefore searching for and buying Halloween stuffs like costumes and party supplies in advance is much recommended as you have lots of options to choose and usually the costumes are offered at reduced prices.


Wearing costumes is already becoming an integral part in every Halloween event but nowadays you can find many parties that held under various costume themes.  Let’s say that your son is invited to attend a friend’s costume party in the short time. When searching for the right costume, ask his opinion first. If he prefers to look funny, wearing kids nerd costume can be a perfect idea!


What do you have in mind when thinking about nerds in schools? As you may see in some movies, you can notice the stereotypical appearance of a nerd: tooth braces, a thick-framed and old fashioned pair of eye glasses, greasy hair, out-of-date hair style and contradictory outfits. The more clashing the clothes items, the funnier it will be.


If you have enough time, perhaps you’ll be able to prepare and make the whole costume by yourself. Otherwise, for practical reason, you can find it at specialty stores like www.totallycostumes.com that offers Class Nerd Kids Costume and many other different fun costumes. Their 50s collection includes high waistline one-piece jumpsuit, white button shirt with chest pocket, bowtie and black belt. You only have to search for a few other accessories to complete your kid’s geek look such as colorful socks, dull looking shoes and a pair of unfashionable fake eye glasses. You will make your kid the centre of attention along the party!

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