Apr 10, 2013

Why French Women Look So Good and Have the Most Wonderful Skin

Women from all around the world accept the fact, that when it comes to quotients like beauty, glamour, style, poise and wonderful skin, the French women top the list. An average American woman would certainly be envious of the nonchalance yet confident French fashionista. Each and every one of them has an exclusive dressing style which makes them appear absolutely uber cool. Though other women would definitely turn green with envy and feel insecure, but at the same time the French women are source of inspiration for others. The French women can be rightly called the true trend setters with their archetypal style and fashion statements. Here are some of the reasons why the French women look so good and have the most wonderful skin:

Fashion Consciousness Are Transferred Genetically
It seems like that French women’s are born fashion consciousness and this awareness is genetically transformed from grandmothers to mothers and then to their daughters. They know the perfect way to highlight their special features without being overtly showy. The effortless way in which they carry themselves in trendy feminine clothes, stilettos, graciously tied scarf, chic bags and other accessories make them appear absolutely stunning and a foreigner is bound to undergo an identity crisis in front the French women.

Usage of Beauty Products
Different kinds of beauty products are high in demand among the French women. Not only the women, but even the French girls are extremely conscious about taking care of their skin. They start using a large range of non-surgical face lift products right from the age of ten. For the French women establishing their personal identity through an exclusive style statement is as important as breathing.

How Do They Maintain Themselves?
Their sleek and attractive figure and healthy skin might lead you to think that they do a lot of exercise. But it reality, hitting the gym is absolutely a “no no” for the French women. On the contrary, they indulge in healthy and nutritious diet and eat in very small quantities so that they do not take in any extra calories. They would hardly drink wine as it is filled with calories; instead they drink plenty of water to keep themselves always hydrated and thus promising glowing skin. Moreover, you will seldom find a French woman smoking as they are aware of the harmful effects of smoking on their skin.

Walk and Cycle
The French women love to walk on the stone cobbled paths even while wearing stilettos. All around the different French cities, specially Paris, you would see women gracefully walking in their high street fashion clothes wearing a beautiful smile. Moreover, if they feel they need to shed some extra weight, they will cycle or walk a lot to lose it at the earliest.

These are some of the reasons because of which the fashion conscious French women look so good and have the most wonderful skin. Moreover, they age most gracefully as they take additional care of their skin from the early age. Research shows that the French teenagers also use anti aging products to maintain their radiant skins. Moreover, the French women regularly go to spas and also undergo clinical treatments if necessary, for maintaining their glow.

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