Dec 7, 2015

Around The World Weird Trends in Fashion

Fashion has always been a form of art than not all could understand. However, with globalisation, it has become possible for various fashion statements and cultures to meet and to interlope. The end results are sometimes not only weird but borderline bizarre trends which are swooping the nations. While some seem harmless and interesting, others can be quite dangerous if you are not careful enough.

Tattooing Your Eyes
Even simple tattoos seem to hurt some, and this is only natural because there are needles involved to inject the ink into your skin. Now, try to imagine what would happen if you try to do that with your eye. Though eye tattoo already exists and is a new trend, one could only imaging how painful and painstaking it can be to undergo the procedure. Under no circumstances should you try to do this alone, unless of course you are alright with maybe even losing your sight.

Gauging Your Ears

This fashion statement has been around for quite some time now, and even now it can cause some controversy. However, gauging your ears does not have to mean that you are part of a crazy sect or that you are trying to undergo a weird ritual, rather, it is an investment of not only money, but time as well. Stretching your ear might seem simple enough, but it is a process that takes time and an expert to help you out.

Get Ready To Be Shocked: Meggings Are a Thing Now
Women look amazing with leggings on, and it can be a great fashion statement on one hand, but on the other, they are extremely comfortable to wear. Men could be seeing the male counterpart not so distant in the future now. Meggings are weird, yes, but they could be the next best thing, and it will soon become a hot debate over whether you should put on pants on if you are wear leggings or not.

Body Candy and Art
Treating your body as a canvas will only lead to often bizarre art forms. However, eye jewellery perhaps takes the cake, because it is something that will be permanently implanted into your eye. Now, it looks amazing and it will certainly raise a lot of questions, but, considering the price and the relative young age of the art form, the world is yet to see it become trendy. Though, it will not be long now, and as jewellery artists discover better methods to implant them, you can expect more people to get on board this hype.

Old but a Good Fashion Trend
Many cultures have used body piercing to somehow make a statement, but in the recent years, it is making a comeback once again. And now it is more than just simple marking, and getting more and more piercings into your body. You will be able to pierce more discrete body parts nowadays, making this art form very widespread and intriguing. However, you have to always consider the health risks involved, and whether or not if you will get your piercing caught in something. There are lot of ear, tongue and nipple rings available so choose one that will suit your style the most.

Just because a trend is weird does not mean that it should be considered unappealing. Most trends will become soon popular, and if you want to be part of it, you need to make sure that you do not go overboard. Some fashion trends will be more costly than others, and in some cases you will invest in a permanent body modification as well, they might ruin some opportunities in your life. Keep a cool head when deciding to follow one the new and weird trends, to avoid future headaches. 

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