Dec 23, 2015

Original Holiday Gifts for the Family

Are you one of those people who leave buying gifts for the last minute? We have all been in similar situation - holidays come, and yet, we have not even thought about what to buy for the family. This Christmas, do not leave it to the last minute and surprise the family with your unique gifts.

For movie lovers
For movie lovers, a smartphone projector is a great gift. It consists of a mounting kit with which one can build a mobile projector. Place your phone on the stand and you will see videos and photos with a size of projected screen close to 50 or 60 inches.

For lovers of new technologies
For people who cannot be separated from their mobile phones, a solar charger with included USB port can be an ideal gift. The back is a powerful suction cup so it can be hooked to any window. Inside it has a rechargeable lithium battery so that your family member can bring solar energy anywhere.

For the nostalgic
A photo album is the best way to preserve your memories. With a personalized photo album you can create a unique and original gift. There are many places that can do this for you, and you can choose the number of pages, printing type and so on, or you can make one yourself as a DIY project.

For lovers of food and drink
For anyone who loves the kitchen you can find many utensils as a kit with everything needed to prepare almost anything. For lovers of Japanese food you have the perfect gift - a kit for preparing sushi. This kit usually contains of a rice cooker, a special tool to move it, a roll of silicone and a sheet with instructions on how to prepare different recipes. For those with the sweet tooth there is the waffle home kit, with a silicone mold, a pastry bag, and a recipe book. For your beer lover, you can get a DIY kit that includes everything one needs to enjoy their own beer at home.

For athletes
Sports bracelets that complement the phones are one of the star gifts this year. They collect information when you walk or run and send it to the phone to be analyzed and stored by applications. There are many models on the market so that you can select a bracelet that best suits your needs.

For the whole household
Thermal shoes are ideal for chilly weather and for those seeking comfort and convenience when they get home. They are also perfect for the elderly. They can be heated with heating or microwave to soothe and provide comfort and relaxation and are usually available in many colors.

For plant lovers
Aromatic plants that germinate alone are an ecological gift and the easiest and simplest way to have plants at home. One simply has to place the balls on the ground, and with the first rain or watering they will fall apart and the seeds will begin to sprout through the balls. The plant grows strong and healthy with the least possible intervention.

For the youngest
Getting a gift for kids can sometimes prove to be the most challenging task of all. Still, you can never go wrong with buying children a video game if they already like spending time on computer and consoles. Just be careful that the game is age appropriate for the child and check the content for any extreme violence. Moreover, children can learn something new from a certain type of video games, such as Poptropica mythology island, where kids can learn a lot about Greek mythology and culture while having fun.

When buying gifts for loved ones, you must examine their interests and wishes. Basically, you should follow their own taste and preferences, and not yours, adapted to the age of each person, of course. Christmas is the most special time for everyone, so surprise them with a beautiful gift and let their faces light up with the magic of the holidays.

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