Dec 14, 2015

Winter 2016 Kids Fashion Trends

Famous designers worked hard and created clothes that are fashionable in the winter 2015-2016. In January, in all fashion capitals we could see exhibitions and shows of fashion designers such as CFC Cologne, Pitti Immagine Bimbo, Playtime Paris, Kleine Fabriek and Bubble London and many others.

Winter 2016 kids fashion trends were presented in the collection of the well-known brand Bonnie Young. To see the trends of autumn-winter period was possible during the fashion week for children PetitePARADE in New York, which took place in February.
A characteristic feature of the presented images was the negligence that is so used in clothes for adolescents. The image of the rebel was possible to create with the help of a neutral makeup and disheveled hair. Winter 2016 kids fashion according to the presentation of Bonnie Young should include gray, layered silhouette and green, purple and blue hues.  Kids`Italian fashion for fall-winter 2015-2016 was presented at Pitti Immagine Bimbo, held in Florence. These outfits are simply obliged to become the most beloved, because it matched the details, and comfortable fabric, and finally, the Italian chic. Italian winter fashion 2016 for boys and girls look brilliant: with slight emphasis on negligence. Dress that was presented by Miss Grant dress can be purchased in stores in Italy and around the world.

Winter 2016 kids fashion is presented by new collection of Paul Smith Junior. The children's collection of Paul Smith attracted the attention of shoppers with sweaters with geometric patterns, elegant blouses and jackets with exaggerated patterns.

Winter 2016 kids fashion is also presented by collection of Kenzo Kids which contains funny sweaters with picture of a tiger and all-seeing eye. Ethnic Tibetan theme is presented by original prints. The general mood of collection is carefree and cheerful still colored leggings, asymmetrical skirts and bright fur jackets.

Heath of the season is still "the London dandy" (white shirts, polo shirts, blazers, corduroy pants, patent leather shoes, leather briefcases) and a “real lady” (lace dresses, cardigans, pearl buttons, powdery shades, berets, ponchos). This trend has penetrated into school uniforms. Visit Kids Boutique to find all this famous designers online.

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