Dec 11, 2015

Winter Party Clothes

Every year around the start of December we begin to look for royal clothing. We have many parties on the list: Christmas, New Years Eve and we all want to look stunning and classy. There’s something about the glittering and glamorous dresses. We all love festive and vibrant clothes that are specially made for the holidays, even if we just wear them once a year.
Essential Tips:
·         choose a successful outfit;
·         glamorous accessories;
·         add some sparkle;
·         vibrant colors;
·         stylish hair & make-up;

1. Glitter
Glitter is an amazing pick for the holidays because it's December baby! Just go and purchase some glittery shoes, add a gold glitter nail polish or wear a glitter clutch. It will totally make you feel like a princess even if you don’t really own a castle.

2. Sequins
Sequins are hand in hand with glitter. You can opt for a sequined dress or top or even a bandeau for a hot disco party. There are so many style to choose from so look for high quality designs because you don’t want to have withering dresses.

3. Red
Red is the color of Christmas and femininity. If you are the host of the party then wearing a red dress can be the proper choice. You will feel stunning and all the guests will surely be impressed.

4. Make-up
Because it's a time of celebration you can wear dramatic make-up, for example fake eyelashes and red lipstick. But if you like to keep it natural that is also ok, just choose quality beauty products so in this way your make-up will last longer.

5. Fur
If we are afraid of wearing some fabulous fur coat during the rest of the year, during winter holidays we have no excuse. It’s the perfect time to take them out of that dusty closet and give them the right amount of glam their require.

We are so happy that the holidays are here. For us women this is a special opportunity to wear glittery, glamorous outfits.

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