Dec 23, 2015

Get To Know What Is DUI Sentence Enhancement

DUI laws are very strict, but if you have DUI for the first time, you will be treated as a misdemeanour. However, there are situations where the punishment may become greater under DUI enhancement laws. These laws are strict because it is a matter of public safety and sometimes it can result in severe police measures. The measures may be high fines, longer suspension of driving license or a year in jail.
There are certain criteria that can aggravate and here is a list of few :

Previous conviction

As per law, if you were already convicted in the past for drink and drive or DUI in the past 10 years, the next time you may suffer more charges. This is because the state government sees that you haven’t learnt from your past mistakes.

Alcohol percentage

You will be arrested if the alcohol level in blood is more than 0.15 per cent. However, in some states of the US, you will be detained if you have the blood alcohol level more than 0.20 per cent.

In some states, if you refuse to take the alcohol detection test, the police will seize your driving license instantly. Some states will immediately put you in bars, under misconduct of behaviour.

Driving above the normal speed

It is recommended that you should not drive over the speed of 20mph at the time of DUI. This is because the car may get out of control when you are driving.

Driving with children

The law states that you cannot drink and drive, if you are having a child under the age of fourteen years. The state government doesn’t listen even if it’s your own child. Some states in the US also take 18 year olds as children, if you are driving with them.

Having caused property damage

The police of most of the states will see you as a threat. This is because when a person is under the influence of alcohol, they lose their reasoning and analytical skills and usually they bump another vehicle or person on the road, thereby causing an accident.


While you have committed DUI, and you are having deep body injuries, you will still not be pardoned. It may happen that the state police will give you few days off before your injuries heal and then they will take necessary actions. In this type of scenario, you should take the help of Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

No valid driver’s license

In most of the states in the US and also in many other countries, it is mandatory to keep your driving license valid and updated. For example, if you are driving and you are being caught by the police without a driving license, then it is considered as an offence.

If you are already involved in a crime and you also happen to commit DUI. The charges allotted for DUI will increase because it proves you as a non-responsible citizen in the eyes of the state police.

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