Dec 18, 2015

How to Buy the Very Best Laptop for Your Needs

Compact yet completely practical, laptops are still the very best tools of the professionals. Capable of performing demanding tasks and handling serious amount of work, they are broadly preferred within the groups looking for usefulness on the move. Although smartphones and tablets are popular, most people realize that everything from writing a report to playing games simply works better on a laptop.

There is a wide range of sizes, features and prices, which makes choosing a laptop a challenging mission. That is why you need to know exactly what your needs are. By following these steps, you are guaranteed to make a right choice.

1. Choose a platform
·         Windows 10
Perhaps the most flexible operating system, Windows appears on many more models than Mac OS X and Chrome OS. Windows notebooks vary in price from under 200 dollars to several thousand dollars and present a wide range of features from dual graphics chips to fingerprint readers.
·         Mac OS X El Capitan
Apple’s operating system offers similar functionality to Windows 10, but with a different take on the interface. One of the most notable new additions for the operating system is the Split View feature that allows you to work in multiple applications at the same time. 
·         Chrome OS
Chrome OS can be found on low-priced notebooks, such as Lenovo 100S Chromebook - this operating system is quite simple and dependable, but limited. There are not many offline apps for Chrome OS, and the ones that do exist do not always work well. According to Fancy Appliance, you should only consider Chrome OS if your day-to-day needs involve browsing the web, working on documents online or streaming videos.

2. Pick the right size
Generally, laptops are categorized by their display sizes, the smallest and the most portable ones are between 11 and 12 inches, while the 17- and 18-inch ones provide you with more processing power. The most popular size is 15 inches - it gives you the best balance of portability and usability.  

3. Opting for the right specs
·         CPU
The processor has an enormous influence on the computer’s performance and depending on what do you want, even a low-priced CPU may be good-enough for you. If you are looking for the best mixture of performance and price, Intel Core I is best choice for you, but if you want a high-end gaming-station, you should get an Intel Core i7 definitely.
·         RAM
Most of the sub-$200 laptops come with only 2 GB of RAM; but realistically you will need at least 4 GB even on a budget system and 8 GB if you are ready to spend a little more money.
·         Storage Drive
The performance of your storage drive is even more important than the speed of your CPU. If you do not need a ton of internal storage, you should get a machine with a solid-state drive (SSD), because you will have a much faster laptop overall.

4. Paying attention to battery life
If you are planning to do a lot of work on the go, make sure that you pick a laptop that has at least 6 hours of endurance. To determine a laptop’s battery life, do not take the manufacture’s word for it, instead search for objective reviews on the internet. Bear in mind that this part is one of the most problematic ones on your laptop because of its short life span. If you are buying a new battery always buy from a certified manufacturer. In fact, you should always make effort to find original computer parts.

5. Plan the purchase based on your budget
Nowadays, you can find a usable laptop for under a $200 - these are systems with slower processors and minimal storage. Between $350 and $600, you can find laptops with respectable specs, but at this price, most of them do not have an SSD or long battery life. At $600 to $900, you will find more features such as higher-resolution displays. Above $900, expect to find notebooks that are more powerful and portable or both. Sophisticated mobile workstations and gaming systems cost as much as $2.500 or $3000.

So what’s your preferred solution? Share your opinion in the comment section and let us know which manufacturer you prefer.

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