Dec 21, 2015

Useful Tips on How to Lose Weight Cycling

People today want to lose weight. No matter if their (unwanted) weight is caused by sitting too much or by genetics, it is normal for the body to feel unsatisfied with excessive weight. If you are one of those people who go to work by car, bus or subway – you might want to start thinking about replacing your means of transportation with a bike. Cycling can help you lose weight, so find out how in the following paragraphs.
Train right

When starting to train with a bicycle, it is important to figure out why and how to train right. Cyclists usually have two goals: either train for endurance,  or getting lean. If you are training for race performance, you are going to teach your body to endure long cycling sessions, which is going to result in your body spending a lot of calories and excessive fat, so this kind of training would be beneficial for you.

If your only goal is to get lean, you can benefit from cycling in many different ways, one of which is building exercise fitness. It would be best to start with moderate intensity miles in short intervals, and only then to start practising higher intensity intervals, even during winter.
Manage appetite

You are probably familiar with the concept of emotional, unconscious, habitual eating and other bad eating habits. If you have any of these, mindful eating prior to cycling exercise should be your priority. When you hit the pedals, you are going to feel hungrier than usual. This is perfectly fine, because your body is spending more energy on exercise. However, it is important that you do not overeat – your meals should be regular, rich in vitamin, protein and carbohydrates.

Counting calories will probably not do you any good, but it is sometimes good to know how many calories some foods have in order to control your behaviour and avoid eating much more than you need.
Time your food

If you are only starting to cycle, or have been cycling for years and still have not figured out why you do to seem to manage lose excessive weight, the reason behind this might be that you do not eat at thee right time. If you eat only a few minutes before the cycling exercise, or go cycling hungry and then start eating like a starving wolf after the session, you are doing everything wrong.

It would be best if you shared your meals into three parts during the day, and eat at least two hours before the cycling exercise. This way, your stomach will have something to do and digest, storing enough energy for your exercise that is to come. It is okay to eat again after the exercise, but not too much, especially if your next meal is dinner. Dinners should not be heavy for the stomach, because that way, your sleep time will be disturbed and your stomach is going to have a difficult time managing to deal with it. Not to mention the energy you are going to have and that is going to prevent you from sleeping.
Find a good bike

Not any bike will help you lose weight. In a recent conversation with professionals from Eurocycles we have learned that the choice of a bike is sometimes crucial for your cycling training sessions. For example, if you live in a valley, you are probably not going to need a mountain bike, et vice versa.
If cold days are coming, your training sessions should not stop. You can find a static bike and practice in the comfort of your home. This way you will burn fat even when it is snowing. Is not that fabulous?

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