Dec 15, 2015

Why is It Important to Have a Digital Strategy?

In a fast-evolving world of today, businesses need to give their best to improve their work. This includes setting future goals and making plans for the future. Every top company should have its perspective cleared out so as to improve the functioning of its smaller sectors and have them outlined in a general plan. Digital strategy should also be one of the crucial parts of future plans and goals. Here is why.

          What is a digital strategy?

According to Wikipedia, digital strategy is a process which defines a company’s online presence, its goals, vision, and opportunities which are supposed to “maximise the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organisation.” Its stages subsume various kinds of analyses, such as competitor analysis, financial analysis, target audience analysis, stakeholder interviews, and many more.

          What is online presence?

Online presence means creating a digital image of a company, that is its presence on social media, blogs, websites and basically transforming a company via means of online personalisation.

Digital marketing has multiple-faceted presence:
·         social media marketing (SMM)
·         email marketing
·         mobile marketing
·         SEO content
·         PPC (pay per click) advertising
·         blog articles
·         online video content

The results of all of the aforementioned are seen through metrics and its corresponding analysis, which gives a clear insight into things that were done well and to what can be improved in the future.

          What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a subtype of digital marketing which bases its activity on creating an online image of a company in social media. It functions on the principle of promoting services, blog articles, interviews, discounts and basically every business activity on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. The signals which search engines get from social networks are important for Search Engine Optimisation that is SEO, and results in a better ranking position on a targeted search engine.

One of the most influential social networks from which a company or website can benefit, and which is often neglected due to its unpopularity is Google+. Naturally, this Google’s social network collects signals and improves visibility on its search engine.

          What are the benefits of a digital strategy?

If a digital strategy is done right, it can have many positive benefits for a business.
·         Branding. The current trend is creating an individualised brand. This means connecting your website with social media and integrating them into a unified whole, which presents you as an organised and memorable brand in the eyes of your target audience.
·         Target audience. Doing a thorough research of the audience that is supposed to follow you on social networks can help you improve your business in many ways. They say that it is much harder to retain an old customer than get a new one, so customer loyalty should be one of your goals as well. By researching your target audience and listening to their needs you can see the faults you would not normally see because you are biased. This can help you in improving your business and help you accommodate to your audience’s needs.
·         Better conversion rates. Social media preparation can help in improving your conversion rates, customer satisfaction index (CSI), and even return on investment (ROI). For example, if you invest a certain amount of money into creating content for social media, it can result in your audience liking your content, which in turns sends signals towards the search engine, and this can result in better visit to your website and getting more customers. By investing some money, you can get much more in practically a matter of clicks.

To outsource or not?

In a recent conversation with professionals from Mindarc digital agency we have learned that digital marketing strategy can be done by either a company itself – if it hires good experts – or it can be done by a professional digital agency. The latter enables the company to focus on its primary business, and allows for a carefree approach to inbound marketing.

In other words, a company can continue doing its business, while getting better results from marketing which is done by a hired agency. Keep up with the trend and do not let the train pass you by.

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