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Feb 11, 2011

Sky Watch: Gray Sky above Nusantara Flower Park

When we visited this Flower Park, the weather changed during the whole day. These sky shots were taken from American Garden, one garden inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). At that time (about, the sky above has turned into darker and gray. Later, the rain was falling and we ran toward a sight-seeing tower nearby to take shelter.

Sky Watch Friday

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Carolyn Ford February 11, 2011  

what a beautiful park this must be! I like how you captured the low perspective of the flowers! very cool!

Titania February 11, 2011  

The delicate cosmos are delightful, enhanced by the moody sky. This is one of my favorite annuals, I also love to paint them.

Photo Cache February 11, 2011  

this would be a nice place to visit.

that's the thing with tropical countries, it just pours just like that and then it stops, and the sky clears.

Kim, USA February 11, 2011  

Looks like you have a cloudy sky. And I so love that cosmos flower they are pretty in summer and stays quite a bit in fall. Happy Friday!
Sky Watch Friday

Elfe February 11, 2011  

These cosmos flowers in front of the sky are very delicate and beautiful. I am looking forward until flowers are growing again here, soon it will be Springtime.
Have a good week.

Genie February 11, 2011  

Lina...These two shots are beautiful. The first one is my favorite with the cosmos standing there in all of their glory against the backdrop of the sky. Wonderful composition. This is my first time to your photography is most inspiring.

Siromade February 11, 2011  

They're beautiful, a nice place to visit and you captured them so well.

Go-blogg February 11, 2011  

wow.keren ka,,.
maaf baru hadir lagi ka..

Sylvia K February 11, 2011  

What gorgeous captures, Lina, and such beautiful skies! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy! Thanks as always for your visit and kind words! They are appreciated!


Aby Tukang Download February 11, 2011  

selalu menyegarkan kalau mampir ke sini
disuguhkan pemandangan yang indah2
itu bunga apa ya mbak?

Aby Tukang Download February 12, 2011  

aby baru denger mbak ada nama bunga cosmos, maklum aby gak begitu tau tentang bunga
aby taunya cosmos itu salah satu karakter robot fiksi dari film serial Transformers, dia merupakan salah satu anggota Autobots.

happy weekend mbak and have fun :)

eileeninmd February 12, 2011  

Beautiful images, Lina! I love the pretty flowers. Happy skywatching!

eden February 12, 2011  

Such lovely captures, Lina. We have gray sky here today with on and off showers.

JENIE=) February 12, 2011  

i just actually came in from the clouds today...had to take some shots =)

Yen February 12, 2011  

I miss this kind of scene. I'm tired of the pollution here in the city.

Becky Chalet February 13, 2011  

Nice photo of the flowers with the sky as the backdrop.

Dhemz February 15, 2011  

very beautiful Lina....:)

happy Valentine's day!

Online Unsolved Mysteries Story | Corner Mystery February 17, 2011  

Mbak lina terimakasih sudah pasang link saya di blog mbak yang ini.... saya juga berharap bisa bertukar link dengan blog mbak yang lain ^_^ sangat berharap mbak karena efeknya sangat bermanfaat..... mohon petunjuk ^_^

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