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Jun 20, 2011

Frangipani Flower

These common flowers are popular for their unique sweet-scented clusters of colorful, bright, waxy and lifelong flowers. The trees produce flowers ranging from yellow to pink.

Do you want to know the history behind the flower’s name? Frangipani was the name of an Italian perfume used to scent gloves in the 16th century and named after its maker, Marquis Frangipani. When the frangipani flower was found, its natural perfume reminded people of the scented gloves and so the flower was called Frangipani. The genus name, Plumeria honors Charles Plumier, a 17th century French botanist.

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7 komentar:

chubskulit June 20, 2011  

Interesting story, I can't remember what we call this flower in the Philippines.

Orange Lilies

ladyfi June 20, 2011  

Oh, I adore the scent and waxy look of the frangipani!

kim June 20, 2011  

very pretty flower.. and very interesting story. i think we call it KALATUCHI here in the Philippines. and it really smells good..

Mrs.D June 21, 2011  

famous in tropical it!

Denise June 21, 2011  

So lovely and I enjoyed reading about its history. Thanks very much.

eden June 23, 2011  

I love frangipani and I have 2 growing this time. I just hope they will survive the winter.

Sublime June 25, 2011  

Nice photo. Do they only grow in tropical countries? I'm a lover of flowers but sad to say, I'm not familiar with all their names.

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