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Jul 11, 2011

Almost a Week at a Hospital

Tomorrow is my first week here. In this afternoon visit, the doctor didn’t mention about coming home since there’s still a little swollen on my father’s legs. We choose this hospital as my father’s doctor practices here and this hospital is included in the hospital list that becomes partners with the government institution that my father used to work for.

I can say that all staffs here are professional, kind and friendly. They all are hard workers. Not only staffs in medical field, but also the other staffs that responsible for serving the food and cleaning the room. Salute!
Ruby Tuesday

10 komentar:

Cafe au lait July 12, 2011  

I hope your dad's legs get better soon so you can all go home.

My Blue Monday.

Goyang Karawang July 12, 2011  

semoga ayah mbak cepat sembuh.. saya turut berdoa untuk kesembuhan beliau

Ms. Burrito July 12, 2011  

Those palm trees are pretty !

My Ruby Tuesday, would you please come and see?

ladyfi July 12, 2011  

Glad to hear the staff and hospital are good!

Luna Miranda July 13, 2011  

an efficient and professional hospital staff is comforting to a patient. i hope your father gets better soon.

Muhammad-Dadan July 13, 2011  

I think it's not general or public hospital (RSU), because the building so beautiful. I hope you n your family will come back home soon.

eden July 13, 2011  

Nice hospital building. Love the palm trees too.

I hope your Dad gets well soon.

Advan Angkasa July 13, 2011  

Rumah sakit sekarang sudah seperti hotel ya mbak, nyaman tidak terkesan sedang berada di Rumah sakit.
Semoga Ayah lekas sembuh ya mbak.

Ann July 14, 2011  

good to know your Dad is in good hands,

Hobby Exchange July 14, 2011  

smoga smua berjalan lancar dgn service trbaik ya mbak.

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