Nov 22, 2010

Garden along the Street

In fact, it’s really not the real garden. Almost along Pajajaran Street in my city, there are several plant sellers that display all their saleable plants on the side of the road. The way they arrange the plant make it looks like a garden.

Sorry for the blurry photos, we can’t slow down the car to take these photos.

7 komentar:

Larry November 22, 2010  

Wow! spectacular... particularly the orchids... I's part from my money pretty quickly at a place like that!! L

english tips November 22, 2010  

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eden November 22, 2010  

Beautiful orchids. Great shots.

Goyang Karawang November 22, 2010  

wah keren mbak.. hijau dan segar.. enak buat tempat mojok tuh hehe

Yen November 22, 2010  

beautiful garden,I didn't notice that it was blurry , its still a good catch :-)

DeniseinVA November 23, 2010  

How very beautiful, thanks for sharing this lovely garden.

Anonymous November 23, 2010  

Wow, so pretty! It looks like a real/proper nursery! Amazing collection of plants!

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