Nov 4, 2010

Top Ten Credit Cards

Like other things in life, credit cards have two sides at the same time, advantages and disadvantages. In fact, credit cards can give many benefits for you. The main advantage is credit cards allow you to make big purchases. They also can help you in handling any emergency situation. As long as you can be discipline to pay your balance at the end of every month and spend wisely, you’ll get all advantages of using credit cards.

The contrary conditions will happen if you tend to purchase excessively and you don’t pay your balance at the end of the month. Like many other Americans that trapped in debt hole, irresponsibly using credit cards will make you have increasing debt accumulation and at last you can’t repay the debt. If you want to
Apply for Credit Card for the first time, having known first the disadvantages of credit cards can be your early warning to use it with responsible.

When choosing the right credit card that suits your needs and financial condition, you should consider many things. Reading the recommended
Top Credit Cards that is issued by could be your best guidance. Check out the top ten list below :

1. Chase Freedom
This credit card provides you with 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories, such as gas, home improvement projects and department stores. With no spending tiers, you’ll achieve unlimited 1% Cash Back on every purchase; and it could be up to an extra 20% Cash Back if you shop online at chosen merchants through Chase. They also offer a $100 or $50 cash back bonus, a very low annual percentage rate, 0% interest for 12 months on balance transfers and 6 months purchases through your card.

2. Discover More Card
This credit card offers a 5% cash back bonus in several categories, such as trip, gas, groceries, restaurants, and home improvement stores. They offer 0% intro APR on every purchase made with the card for a full 6 months and 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 months. In addition, they also provide up to 1% unlimited Cash Back Bonus on every purchases and $100 Cash Back bonus.

3.Chase Sapphire
The Chase Sapphire credit card is the best choice for people who love travelling or shopping online. They offer excellent service, 24 hours a day. You can obtain a free flight – 25,000 bonus points after you pay out just $3000 in the first 3 months. You also get twice the pointes on all airfare booked through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards. With this credit card, you can fly on primary airlines at anytime because there are no travel limitations or blackout dates.

4. Slate from Chase
If you’re looking for general credit card, this credit card is much suggested, especially for people with good credits. They offer 0% apr for up to 12 months and also Blueprint, a free feature that will assist you pay down balances earlier and keep away from unnecessary interest.

5. Continental OnePass Plus Card
As the best airline credit cards in the industry, they offer not only 25,000 bonus miles after the first purchase, but also an extra 5,000 bonus miles when you add an authorized user within 2 months of start your account. You get two miles for every $1 spent when you buy tickets from Continental Airlines using your card, and also get one mile for each $1 spent in every spending.

6.IberiaBank Visa
With this credit card, you can save great amount, as they offer 0% apr for 12 months on purchases and a regular interest rate of 7.50%. Their interest rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

7. Capital One Platinum Prestige Card
This credit card is your best choice if you need to transfer higher rate balances that will be processed in as little as 48 hours. They offer 0% interest on every purchase and balance transfers for up to 15 months. If your card is lost or stolen, you’ll get $0 fraud liability. They also offer non-stop travel and emergency support; you’ll obtain a substitute card and cash advance.

8.Chase Ink Cash – Business Card
If you search for business credit card, this credit card is much recommended. For business owners like you, they offer 3% cash back on fuel, dinning, home improvement, and office supply purchases; unlimited 1% cash back on every purchase and free extra cards for your employees. When you shop online through Chase Reward Plus, you'll obtain up to 10 points for every $1 spent.

9. Orchard Bank Visa/Mastercard
The Orchard Bank Card is suggested for you and other people with bad credit, since they provide lesser rates and fees. The interest rate is as low as 14.9 percent.

10. Discover Motiva Card
If you a disciplined payer, The Discover Motiva Card could be your right choice; as you’ll obtain a Pay-One-Time Bonus equivalent to a whole month’s interest added to your Cash Back bonus account. They also offer 5 to 20 percent Cash Back extra at over 150 top retailers through Discover’s online shopping mall and up to 1% unlimited Cash Back on every spending.

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Cens World November 06, 2010  

I have two active credit cards. It is an advantage especially during emergency situations when there is no available cash. It actually helps me :)

Hope you are feeling well now. Take care :)

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