Nov 27, 2010

Ready to Fly

When finished flowering, Dandelion flower turns to seed. The whole head of the flower will close up and the green bracts underneath the flower will close around the seeds. The yellow petals will disappear and the seeds mature. Then this new seed head will open up.

All seeds of this big puffy white seed head are ready to fly. They are waiting for the wind that will blow the seeds away and then continue their life as 200 or more new plants at different places. Or do you want to blow them and make the seeds fly?

25 komentar:

andun November 27, 2010  

komentar pertama..yeeee ^^

MinnieRunner November 27, 2010  

I would love to try and blow them :)

sibutiz November 27, 2010  

nice post..
like it...

Yen November 28, 2010  

I used to play and blow that cute cotton like flower when i was a kid:-)

kim November 28, 2010  

oh! it's so cute.. i wish i could fly away with them in the wind, so light and free..

ENGLISH TIPS November 28, 2010  

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Chubskulit Rose November 28, 2010  

My daughter enjoys blowing that Lina.. I just don't let her do that in our yard lol. Great shot.

My Flowers for today

Randi November 29, 2010  

Great shot! Yes it can be beautiful, but I don´t want it in my garden.

Lui November 29, 2010  

That will make you sneeze! I'll leave it to the wind...It looks beautiful before it flies...

Noel Morata November 29, 2010  


beautiful blooms, i love how you captured the entire pod

thanks for sharing, noel

eileeninmd November 29, 2010  

Beautiful image, Lina

Anonymous November 29, 2010  

Вот новые киноленты что я нашла в на сайтах из рабочих

Gunilla November 29, 2010  

Great shot.
I think I will blow on it.

I think it´s a lovely flower but I don´t want it in my garden.

Gunilla in Sweden

eden November 29, 2010  

Beautiful shot! My kids loves to blow it..

Unknown November 29, 2010  

i get colds when this flowers are in the wind.:p great shot.

lotusleaf November 29, 2010  

So pretty, but I am allergic to it.

Arija November 29, 2010  

Aren't dandelions just the prettiest any time of year?

attayaya sumatera November 29, 2010  

itulah berkah Tuhan
memberikan berbagai cara agar tumbuhan bisa berkembang biak

Cheqna November 29, 2010  

Fantastic, love that photo


Mom's Place - Kat November 29, 2010  

perfect shot. i love it.

Thanks for the greetings. hehe

Mayet November 30, 2010  

that's a nice shot!

A.M.I.N.A November 30, 2010  

Nice shot Lina!Reminds me of my childhood.We enjoyed blowing these.

Míriam Luiza December 01, 2010  

Dá vontade de soprar! Linda foto!

Anonymous December 01, 2010  

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fini December 02, 2010  

I always love dandelion!!

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