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Nov 26, 2010

Sky Watch : Branches and Bright Sky

I love capturing branches. The blue sky and white clouds would be perfect background to branches. I forget when exactly I took these photos; but I remember that the trees are in the front yard of Bogor Presidential Palace.
Sky Watch Friday

14 komentar:

Gigi Ann November 26, 2010  

Lovely blue skies and the trees make it ever more lovely. Nice contrast.

Carver November 26, 2010  

Beautiful shots. I also love bare branches against the sky.

eden November 26, 2010  

Great shots. Love your photos, Lina!

Have a great weekend.

Entis Sutisna November 26, 2010  

nice post Mrs..
like it...

Kim, USA November 26, 2010  

I missed this blue sky. We have terrible weather this week but thankful that snow isn't here yet. Happy weekend!
My week sky

Anonymous November 26, 2010  

Blue skies and silhouetted branches - just delightful!

http://graceolsson.com/blog November 26, 2010  

very nice shilouete...congrats

Karawang November 26, 2010  

keren fotonya mbak.. agak2 serem gitu.. hehe

Karawang November 26, 2010  

keren fotonya mbak.. agak2 serem gitu.. hehe

eileeninmd November 26, 2010  

I also love the tree branches with the pretty sky. Lovely captures!

thomas November 27, 2010  

nice branches on a lovely blue sky,
it must be a big tree.

Martha Z November 27, 2010  

Lovely, the sky is so blue that it is the perfect backdrop for the branches.

clairz November 28, 2010  

Lina, for some reason I am unable to view the photo. Happy Skywatching, anyway, and thank you for visiting The Zees Go West.

Anonymous December 01, 2010  

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