Nov 24, 2010

Nostalgia: Three Months in a Village

During studying times in my college (Bogor Agriculture Institute), every student must participate in Kuliah Kerja Nyata (real work lecture) for about three months. A team that contains 5-6 students from different subject is placed in one village. We have to create programs as application of our knowledge and the programs must give benefits to the village people.

My Real Work Lecture was held during June-August 1993. Our team is located in Pasir Mukti Village (Citeureup, West Java, Indonesia). There’s no doubt, I get valuable experience there. I learn a lot during my interraction with village people. It's a pity that I lose contact with other friends in my team and also with people in the village. I hope I can visit Pasir Mukti Village one day.
I shared how to filter the dirty water into the drinkable water. I guess one man was dizzy to hear what I said, hehehe.

I shared a little about Basic Accounting to the metal craftsman.

We, the girls, were sharing various things to the village women. We've done it every week.

Together with a cow farm nearby, we distributed fresh cow milk to all children at one primary schooll in the village. When I was there, the schooll was still in soil floor.

Since at that time the farmers still used inefficient way, my friend shared how to build a tool to release unhulled paddy from straws more efficiently

The farewell event at village leader's home


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