Nov 19, 2010

Sky Watch : Pale Sun

These pale sun moments were captured at different times and places. What’s the similarity? There’s no bright color in the sky, just a pale sun and dark clouds. Does the pale sun make your day becomes a gloomy one?

Poem of a gloomy afternoon
by ~Felicias

A pale sun rises behind bluish clouds,
peeping as if it were saying "What's up?
No more rain to come?"
Shadows cast by the trees are chasing each other along the path,
like tiny little ghosts formed by thin shapes.
The mountains watch over the green grass
covered by flowers and bushes.
But suddenly...
A black speck becomes bigger and bigger
growing circle-shaped-like
covering everything with sinister oscurity.
Black, complete darkness! No way of escape!
Slowly flowers and bushes are covered by the darkness
disappearing into nowhere.
A silent night has finally come!

My entry for Sky Watch Friday

11 komentar:

Kim, USA November 19, 2010  

Oh oh the sun is covered with dark clouds. Great shot!

Fiery sky

eden November 19, 2010  

Beautiful photos and poem.

Chubskulit Rose November 19, 2010  

It does actually.. Love your shots though.

Sky Watch

Chenk Rahman November 19, 2010  

more cool aja ... beautiful friend.

Anonymous November 19, 2010  

Wonderful shots!

eileeninmd November 19, 2010  

Beautiful skywatch photos. Happy skywatching!

eileeninmd November 19, 2010  

Beautiful skywatch photos. Happy skywatching!

thomas November 19, 2010  

The sun is really pale and gloomy,
i hope it got nothing to do with Mount Merapi.

Carver November 20, 2010  

Lovely shots of the the sun behind the clouds and great poem too.

DeniseinVA November 20, 2010  

A lovely post, both photo and poem. Thank you for sharing both.

Linnea November 22, 2010  

It's very dreamlike! Thanks for visiting mine...

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