Nov 18, 2010

Nostalgia: My Grandfather and Grandmother

I was in my Grandma's hug
All people on this photo have passed away. It's one family gathering at our home.

Another family gathering at our home. Only three people that are still alive.

This time I’ll share old photos of the late grandfather and grandmother (in my father’s side). When I am a child and we still stay in Bandung (West Java. Indonesia); Grandpa and Grandma were always coming every month to get grandpa’s pension fund. That’s why my parents prepared one special bed room at our home for them.

My Grandpa (I called him Aki Sadli) was a very quiet man. My Grandma (I called her Nini Gurat) was a beautiful old woman and more talkative. I remembered her soft voice and she often grabbed my hand while she was walking. As my Grandpa and Grandma frequently spent the nights at our home, my aunts and uncles were also often came to our house.

But since we had to move to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia), I became seldom seeing my Grandpa and Grandma. Each year, every Eid ul-Fitr holiday, we visit them to celebrate the Eid ul-Fitr with other relatives. Grandpa died when he’s 80 years old and my Grandma died when she reached her 92 years of age.

Though they have passed away long time ago, their home is still taken care of well (I’ve ever made several posts about Grandpa’s home). I’m so proud with my father, all uncles and aunts; they make a commitment to care for all heritages of my Grandma and Grandpa. I hope, we and other grandsons and granddaughters, can also maintain their valuable inheritance. We have a plan to visit my Grandpa’s home in the short time, wish we can make it.


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Verna Luga November 18, 2010  

hi Lina, ayyy. i'm sure you missed your grandparents... dropping by for nostalgia.

Unknown November 18, 2010  

it's great that your family is united in keeping the ancestral home in good condition. it's a good venue to family reunions, and to remember your grandparents. lovely post.

mine is at

Lina CahNdeso November 18, 2010  

Seeing the photos and your exposure, I could feel how sweet nostalgia of your childhood in your family. Hopefully, all are going on and eternal happiness until one day later ... in side Ilahi Robby. Amien.

Chubskulit Rose November 18, 2010  

Having those old photographs and keeping your old home in good condition is a great way to preserve the family history.


Mel_Cole November 20, 2010  
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Anonymous November 20, 2010  
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Anonymous November 21, 2010  

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