Dec 18, 2012

3 Things You Must Know before Choosing Your Wedding Invitation

There are more styles out there in the market than there are stars in the sky. From font style to paper type, there is so much to choose from that it is enough to render anyone catatonic. Then again, there is your budget. Do you have a wide budget that you want to spend lavishly on invites or do you prefer a minimalistic invite that doesn’t need much investment? Are you one of those people who like unique wedding invitations or do you revel in the traditional?
Your wedding invitation doesn’t depend on the trending styles or the fashionable ones but on something that is you. You want people to remember your wedding as something that reminded them of you. Therefore, before you jump right into your designer’s choicest style, think about the following questions –

1.   What Is Your Style?
Do your tastes lean towards the bold and bling or are you more of a traditional and classic styles person? You can browse through numerous magazines to decide on a theme if you are confused about your tastes. It is always difficult to be sure about the exact look you want and there is no need to panic if you can’t find yours straight away. Give it some time and do some research about the possible things you could do. Your dream style will come to you.

There is also the internet, browse through pages upon pages of wedding invites and styles, you can even go through the traditional invites of other cultures and countries to gain perspective and some much needed inspiration.

2.   What Is Your Love Story?
Yes, most designers insist on knowing their clients well before they suggest ideas for wedding invitation designs. Tell them your story. How did you two find each other? What is your love story? Was it complicated or was it a straight forward one. This is important for a variety of reasons. Mostly because this is a wedding of you two and there must be elements from both your personalities in it. The personality of your relationship should be reflected in the invite.

Tell them about your tastes. Talk about your first date and your first kiss and your favorite spots. Are you a couple that likes to spend more time outdoor doing hiking or walking? Or are you an indoor kind of pair who like to curl up on the couch with a good movie?

3.   What Is The Date?
Obviously, the season, time of the year and even the place will influence the design as well. Are you getting married in the chilly winters or the spring? Spring might inspire more floral wedding designs while winter would be minimalistic with solid colors.

There are cost constraints and the choice of your loved ones to consider too. Get playful and have fun with it, don’t stress it too much. It is, after all, a joyous occasion and you want to look back on this time with fondness.

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