Dec 18, 2012

Herbal Drink Vendor

I notice that this woman almost every day passes by our home. Here, most female herbal drink vendors will use the same cart to carry bottles on their backs. Her right hand holds a plastic bucket; she puts some glasses there. 
I buy from her once in a while.  If I suffer cough or irritated throat, I usually buy a few glasses of boiled betel leaves as a medicine. It works, my cough can recover fast. Have you ever tried any herbal drink to improve your health? 

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Sasha December 18, 2012  

What a brave and very industrious woman! I would buy a bottle or two from her if I see her. I could use a herbal drink for anything that ails me and the family :)

AZLA December 18, 2012  

Kalou saya memang suka juga minuman seperti ini, kalau tempatku namanya jamu gendong sobat, makanya sampai sekarang saya tetap sehat dan blogwalking terus..hehe...

Leovi December 18, 2012  

Yes, the next time you say that comes to my door. Greetings.

Kang Muroi December 18, 2012  

it's namely jamu gendong, but myself seldom drink this jamu,although she always pass infront of my house (wah kacau inggrisku hihi.. )

Zyzzyz December 19, 2012  

Vendors of herbal drinks. That is something you don't see here.

Gerald (SK14) December 19, 2012  

I use "Fisherman's Friends" or "Uncle Joe's Mintballs".

Siggi in Downeast Maine December 19, 2012  

Thank you for sharing...I enjoyed reading your post with Ruby Tuesday 2

eden December 20, 2012  

Nice post for ruby Tuesday. Yes, I tried herbal remedies for cough when I was young

Magical Mystical Teacher December 20, 2012  

Personalised service!

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