Dec 26, 2012

A Brief Snapshot of Pregnancy Week by Week

As you shine and shimmer with the thrills, joys and anticipation of motherhood; it is important to know the progress of pregnancy week by week. Acquaintance with the respective condition of the growing fetus is as important as the physiological changes that you undergo. Moreover, you need to attune yourself mentally to the sweeping changes that you are about to undergo, through the trying times of pregnancy. On an average, a pregnancy continues over duration of forty weeks. There are variations to come by, but generally by the time you reach into the fortieth week, you can get set for delivering the little one.

Initial six weeks
You can divide the entire set of forty weeks into three trimesters. The initial week is marked by deals of fertilization. The fetus formed is no bigger than a mulberry. The following week you have the little speck developing into an embryo. As you step into the third week, there is a rapid onset of cell division. The process multiplies during the course of the fourth week. The completion of twenty eight days not only marks enhanced drive of division but also has the embryo taking on an elongated look. Until the completion of the fifth week, nothing really can be detected, except for a sonographic checkup. However, during the progress of the sixth week; heart beat can be detected by way of vaginal scan.

Movement sets in during the 9th week
With the inception of the seventh week, the embryo starts developing human features and the development takes place all through the eighth week. While the inception of the 9th week marks the beginning of movements, with the completion of the 11th week; the rate and intensity of movement becomes pronounced and palpable.

How the different parts are found developing
The following weeks are marked by the formation of limbs, and as you step into the fifteenth week of conception, you can expect significant development in its body. The torso takes on a distinct shape, and movements become more pronounced than before. The spree of development continues and with the onset of your conception’s eighteenth week, you can expect development of the dermal layer. Ears are developed during the course of the next week- 19th week. With the completion of twenty-two- twenty three weeks, you can expect partial development of the head. However, the development of head takes place over a prolonged period of time. Until you step into your pregnancy’s twenty sixth week, the head takes on a concrete shape. From the twenty-sixth to the thirtieth week, there is a maximum propensity towards the development of the head. With the onset of the thirtieth week, the fetus takes on a head down status.

Body gets ready for delivery
After the completion of the thirtieth week, and until you reach into the week number thirty-seven; you can expect the complete development of the different organ systems. As soon as you are into the thirty-seventh week, the head makes a shift for fixing up in your pelvic region. Thereafter, the body starts gearing itself to the needs of delivery. That’s because by the journey from the thirty seventh to the fortieth week is most congenial for delivery, with most childbirths taking place around the juncture of the fortieth week. You can easily chart out week by week pregnancy that continues over a period of nine months, for keeping a good tab over the health and development of the growing fetus.

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