Dec 26, 2012

How to Rebuild Your Relationship

Relationships are unpredictable in nature. You never know when things go wrong and everything goes downhill. However, there are also times when things are going great and you feel as if nothing can stop you. This is what relationships entail. Ups and downs are an unavoidable part of a relationship and some people would even call them necessary and healthy. You can’t appreciate the good times if you have never known the bad times.

All this said, a troubled relationship is still not a good thing to be a part of. You desperately want things to be as they were but don’t know what to do. You just need a magic fix but have no idea where to get one. Well, there are no magic fixes and nothing can change overnight. The following points will guide you how to get the spark back in arelationship and rebuild your troubled paradise –
1.  Remember That It Happens To Everyone – Everyone goes through a rough patch in their relationship. Do you know what the difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is? It is not love or understanding or even trust. It is the will to fight for something they care so much about. Everyone goes through the same things but successful couples always bounce back. There is always one person who will make the first move and fight for the relationship.

Look back on all the good times you have had and try to get strength from it. If you two try hard enough, it would be over soon. Never think of this road bump as a failure because every couple has experienced this. It’s just a bad phase and it shall pass.

2.   Try To Ease The Tension – You have to make an effort to break the ice and lighten things up a bit. Laughter is the best remedy for the worst of problems and it can heal any wound. Jazz things up a bit and take your partner out to dance. If you’re one of the quieter kinds of couples then you could go out for a small picnic in the park on a nice sunny day. Share silly inside jokes that always make you two giggle like teens and try to find that lost chemistry back. It might take a while but it shall be worth it.

3.   Learn To Apologize – There are always two sides to a coin and no problem is caused by one party. There have to be some mistakes made by both the sides. Yes, there is always the debate of more and less damage but a mistake is a mistake. You don’t always have to apologize first but that doesn’t mean that you avoid an apology when you know you’re at fault. And most of the times, both the people know about their mistakes.

Don’t get blindly into trying to repair the damage. Give it some time, it will get back on track but a lot of patience is required. You have to be calm and practical about issues as serious as this.

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