Dec 18, 2012

Live Performances at Gigs

El-live Productions is hiring. The company is looking for the performers who are not only talented but also are proud at doing what they are best at-the art of entertainment through musical performances. Looking for a gig that values music and musicians alike, El-live Productions is the place for you. All artists aspiring to be a part of the band from el-live should possess style, class, appeal and charm that creates a dedicated following. 

The artists should be able to weave a magic that pulls audience, leaving them waiting to come daily and be the part of the crowd that assembles to see the artist perform. The “it” factor desired by the company includes talent as well as great appearance. The bands from El-live Productions are committed towards maintaining their reputation of the most sought-after group performing in every top-notch hotel of Asia. 

The company is a way different from the usual lounge gigs. Bands associated with el-live Production perform at clubs packed with people eager to see and appreciate a good performance. The company seeks artists who are not only talented at their craft but also true performers. You should have the magic of attracting people and make the club or hotel; you are performing at, the most happening place in the town. The musicians should be able to rock the stage and give captivating performance. El-live Productions offers dream job to every musician who has “the full package” element.
Talented vocalists who are true performers are welcome to join the company. Female singers should have the quality of impressing the crowd with their class, style, charisma, and elegance. At the same time, they must look the part and not appear to be artificial. Full time and steady jobs are not easy to come across in music industry, but the company gives you a lifetime opportunity to fulfil your wish of holding down a job, which ensures a regular income. All the artists' with the company are paid a handsome allowance on monthly or bi weekly basis. All you need to be the part of this nonstop excitement along with the secure and steady inflow of money is to have a passion for entertaining people, a range of vocal techniques along with hold on multiple performing styles. The repertoire of el-live includes likes of Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, The Cranberries and Mary J. Blige.

El-live bands take special care to create and maintain the reputation of their bands as the hottest gigs in town. The artists should be dedicated to their craft and not shy away from rehearsals, being part of the team, both on and off the stage is another personality trait they should possess. 

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