Dec 24, 2012

Why There is a Need of Abacus Franchise

The Abacus is an exceptional tool for generating awareness about math and arithmetic.

Need of Abacus Franchise
Before understanding the importance of Abacus franchise, lets understand the benefits of the Abacus.

The Abacus lets the children to learn about simple mathematics and especially the multiplication. The Abacus is an excellent substitute for conventional memorization of the multiplication tables, which most of the young children feel a daunting task to accomplish.

Children have a huge reservoir of energy and brainpower. But most of the parents don’t know how to unleash their potential and thus they fail to realize on how to nurture the minds to the fullest potential.

Functions of Brain
Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, LEFT brain and the right brain. Around 95% of the children use only left brain and they fail to use the right hemisphere that is the seat of intelligence and good memory.

The Left Brain is responsible to analyze the information regarding languages and sound. The right brain is responsible to integrate information, ingenuity and thinking.

The left and right brains both have their own specialty and functions. Our task is to activate both parts of the brains to unleash the great potential. But the question arises how to do the same.

Well, the answer is through Abacus
The Abacus is a Latin word that has its roots from abax or abakomn that means table or a tablet. It is an instrument that was invented by Chinese 2000 years ago. The abacus franchise provides you training using the Japanese Soroban Abacus that has one upper row of beads and four lower rows of the beads.

Using an abacus, the child can perform multifarious arithmetic calculations upto 10 digits and master the skills of doing calculations mentally, without relying on the modern devices like calculator.

There are a variety of procedures and training methodologies to master the use of abacus.

Hereby, we have mentioned some of the benefits of Abacus
·         It fosters the love for numbers or arithmetical calculation
·      It lets you to develop intuitive understanding about the numbers through the concrete representation.
·         It fosters the calculations thus enabling the course of action.
·       It improves the understanding of complex numbers and helps to accomplish the complex process of addition and subtraction.
·         It helps in development of qualities like concentration, focus and endurance.
·    It utilizes the left to right calculation method that makes the rounding off possible.
·      The abacus works on the concept of mental calculation that is the ultimate resource.
·         It increases the mental capacity.
·         One can easily attain the proficiency in the field of mathematics.
·         Abacus education lets you to concentrate, memorize, information processing, etc.

Thus, abacus learning has become a blessing in disguise for all the students.

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