Dec 19, 2012

Say It with Flowers Each And Every Time

Flowers are something that immediately brings a smile to your face. Sounds clichéd but still true! Flowers are nature’s special gift to the world. You walk into a room with a beautiful arrangement of flowers; you feel a sense of cheer and joy. It is no wonder then that across cultures people have used flowers to greet each other. As a symbol of love and new beginnings such as weddings, at the time of prayer and even at funerals, flowers say many things. The bright colours of the flower, their gentle velvety touch and their subtle fragrance impart an element of the ethereal.

However, even in presenting flowers to people, there is a certain amount of decorum involved. The right kinds of flowers need to be chosen for the right occasion, and they need to be arranged and presented in the right way. This is really the job of professionals and this is where companies do a great job.

Whether you need to order pink carnations or yellow roses is something that you could decide in consultation with experts who know about flowers, the etiquette and the language pertaining to gifting them.

Take the case of sending flowers to colleagues. It can be a mine-field in terms of wrong cues and misinterpreted intentions; there need to be certain ground rules to follow.

Ground Rules for Selecting Flowers:
1. One should not send flowers like roses that could be seen as a romantic overture.
2.   If you are going to be sending flowers or a plant to a boss, do it as a part of a group or it may be construed as an attempt to curry favour.
Similar caution should be exercised when sending flowers to a client or a business associate.

Sending Flowers to Client or Business Associate:
1.   Again do not send flowers like roses; these imply personal or romantic feelings. Sending a plant would perhaps be a better option.
2.   In case of there being more than one person to thank, it would be a better idea to send something like a gourmet basket bearing things like chocolates, crackers etc, which can be shared by a group.

Clearly a seemingly simple task of selecting a flower arrangement can seem like a pretty daunting task. There will be doubts in your mind about the kind of flowers you should choose. Are there separate rules for sending flowers to a funeral? Can roses be sent to somebody other than your love interest?  What do the different colors represent?

Rather than turn the act of sending flowers into a social disaster, you may instead want to take the advice of a florist. You could also check out the website of one of the leading online florists. A well run florists’ firm will not only be able to sell you flowers, but also give you valuable advice on choosing the appropriate arrangement. They will also make or arrange the delivery if you ask them to.

A professionally run outfit who know their job well, will ensure that the objective behind sending the flowers is met. Whether it is to commiserate with a colleague for a loss, or wish a friend on his wedding the best for the future, they will know what to do.

Flowers; a way of reaching out in a universal language, provided you do it right!

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