Dec 23, 2012

A New Name in Contact Lens Technology

It seems like there are so many technological advances in every field these days. One such area of advancement is contact lenses. Disposability is key in today’s market. Contact lens makers understand this need and have engineered their new lenses accordingly. Daily wear lenses have to be convenient and comfortable to ensure a proper fit for customers.


Specifically brands like 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses have developed methods of keeping the contacts moisturized throughout an entire 24 hour period. This is no easy feat as eyes naturally dry out over the course of a day.

The problem: Over the course of the day contacts dry out, regardless of how many times customers use rewetting drops. This isn’t because the contacts are old, but because the dryness has caused them to lose their original shape. Also, many lens wearers say they can’t remove the contacts, rewet them, and then put them back in. It’s too irritating to the eye. So researchers for companies like Acuvue Moist and other daily wear contact lenses started to develop a disposable contact that will stay moist all day.

The Solution: The safest and most effective way to make non-irritating contact lenses that will stay moist all day is to stick with natural substances. That’s why these brands have developed daily wear lenses comprised mainly of water; 78% to be exact. Combining all the best features of both previous hydrogel contact lens designs, the lenses maintain proper moisture flow to the eye at all times. This also keeps the cornea oxygenated so the eye doesn’t become red and irritated.

Food and Drug Administration: While these brands of contacts are still new and revolutionary, rest assured that the products are safe for consumers. All brands of contact lenses underwent strenuous testing regimens with the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has qualified such lenses and assures consumers that they meet all requirements for comfort, durability, and health safety for contact lenses in the United States.

To achieve this, many years of research was dedicated to finding naturally occurring molecules, direct from human cell tissue that would bind to water molecules. Once identified, they were rigorously tested for comfort and durability with daily wear contact lenses. Scientists and researchers working for contact lens manufacturers moulded these water molecules, with their cell membrane symbiants, to disposable soft contact lenses.

Retail Options: Late in 2010 these disposable contact lenses became available to the retail public after the FDA release. Since then, sales of the daily and 1-Day lens varieties have skyrocketed. Of course, as with any innovation there will be more breakthroughs to come, and our eyes will reap the benefits.

Matthew Crosby is a leading authority and has written several articles on leading contact lenses brands such as Acuvue Moist and other disposables

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