Dec 7, 2012

Sky Watch: a Work of Art in the Sky

We had most often gloomy and gray sunsets lately.  Yesterday I was happy to know that we had bright afternoon.  Nearing dusk, I went upstairs to the balcony and waited for the sunset moment.

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Unknown December 07, 2012  

What a beautiful sky, just gorgeous

HansHB December 07, 2012  

Gorgeous photo.
I do have a lot of visitors from Indonesia now a days... 30 today!

Sylvia K December 07, 2012  

Glorious skies and a superb capture, Lina!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a great weekend!

eileeninmd December 07, 2012  

Wow, the colors are gorgeous. I love your pink skies. Happy Skywatching!

Karen December 07, 2012  

Lovely pinks!

Jidhu Jose December 07, 2012  

like the color sky
happy SWF

Anonymous December 07, 2012  

Oh, that is so beautiful!

Carver December 07, 2012  

Very artistic and beautiful shot. This sky is indeed a work of art and you captured it so well.

LindyLouMac December 08, 2012  

Calling by as another Skywatch Friday participant, what a beautiful moment.

Liz December 08, 2012  

This is so beautiful Lina! Happy sky watching.

Blue and White

Light and Voices December 08, 2012  

Clap. Clapping. Still clapping. What an awesome image.
Joyce M

thomas December 08, 2012  

Nice art work by someone above.

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