Jan 3, 2014

About Orgasmic Meditation

There are numerous distractions that we as human beings often gravitate towards to feel a desired sensation to perk up our moods. It may be that vodka and orange juice elixir served at our local bar. Maybe we have a beckoning need for chocolate when we feel emotionally distraught. Or possibly a spontaneous shopping binge for clothes and shoes will fulfill our sudden lack of excitement. These tangible yet temporary methods of coping with depression and sorrow have viable competition in the form of another remedy that digs even deeper into our heart - human connection. One Taste is an organization led by Nicole Daedone that has discovered that a direct path to human connection can be ignited through a literally enticing practice known as Orgasmic Meditation.

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OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone has transformed the "Deliberate Orgasm" practice of "DOing" established by San Francisco, California pleasure guru Victor Baranco and brought her own version into contemporary times with her Orgasmic Mediation technique referred to as "OMing." If the phrase "OM" in OMing seems like it has a spiritual yoga connotation, then it would be worth mentioning that Nicole Daedone was once considering to remove herself from worldly pastimes all together and immerse herself into Buddhism. If Orgasmic Mediation is that powerful that it altered Nicole Daedone's spiritual journey, the question becomes - what exactly is OMing?

OneTaste's Orgasmic Meditation is often advertised as a strategy to achieve the "four month orgasm" in an open communal environment. OMing communities have expanded into at least 15 cities in different countries, with over 1,600 OneTaste members internationally. The common phrase that "it is better to give than it is to receive" is surely at the core of Orgasmic Meditation. The focus of OMing is on physically pleasing a woman using a finger as a sexual organ. The partner that is performing this manual pleasing learns how to experience deep pleasure through the symphony of physical melodies that they are playing inside a woman's vagina, without receiving any direct sexual contact.

During the OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation sessions, paying participants will engage in intense 15 minute rounds of OMing with strangers without any privacy involved in the process. This open environment of sexual stimulation is said to encourage human connection, forcing everyone to put their personal insecurities aside and remain mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally available to their new OMing family members.

An OMing session will typically involve a pair of partners, with the man building what is referred to by OneTaste as a "nest" out of blankets and pillows for his female partner to get comfortable in. She will lay in her nest on her side with her left leg crossing over her abdomen and her right leg tucked underneath her knees. Pairs of partners are situated so close together that they are often leg to leg and may even be holding hands collectively. Moans float through the densely packed room like a choir. Men must take notice of the woman's genitalia in a process called "obnosing," describing what they see.

The "grounding" stage begins after a man has asked permission to massage the lady's legs. Once instructed, the men then stroke the female's clitoris with the left index finger. OMing then ends with the man pushing their palms into their partner's pelvis to allow the blood in her genitals to be able to circulate back throughout her body.

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sherry January 06, 2014  

meditating is awesome!

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