Jan 17, 2014

Sky Watch: Wave in the Sky

 This gray sky was captured weeks ago during our way back home from a friend’s home in another town. The clouds looked interesting -I guess I saw small waves in the sky.

10 komentar:

Anonymous January 17, 2014  

How dramatic and amazing.

Unknown January 17, 2014  

Great capture, it does look like a wave!

Karen January 17, 2014  

Oh, gorgeous captures, they do like the surf!

DeniseinVA January 17, 2014  

I have never seen anything like that before. Amazing cloud action and great photos Lina.

thomas January 17, 2014  

looks like the world is upside down now.

Carver January 17, 2014  

Wonderful sky shots.

artmusedog and carol mckenna January 18, 2014  

Wow! ~ Very creative photography for SWF ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)

Al January 18, 2014  

That's a great sky shot - it does look like a wave.

Wasserfrau January 19, 2014  

Really amazing! It looks like the waves on the sea.
Have a nice Sunday!

Icy BC January 21, 2014  

Beautiful capture! It looks like wave and foam in the ocean!

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