Jan 22, 2014

Fake a Clean Home In 40 Minutes


Sometimes people end up expecting friends coming over but they have absolutely no time to clean their houses before the guests arrive. That's quite an embarrassing situation which can cause a lot of panic. Cleaning your home takes time and there are situations we come across that don't give us that much time to take care of everything within the house. Fortunately, there is something that can be done in a case like this. You can fake-clean your house and make it look very presentable and lovely, so that no one realises it's not really cleaned. Here are our tips on how to fake a clean home in thirty minutes and welcome your guests with a smile.



The first thing you should start with when fake-cleaning your house is to get rid of the mess by picking up all the items that are lying on the floor or on the furniture. Walk through the rooms within your home and collect newspapers and magazines, kids' and pets' toys, handbags, accessories and basically anything else that is not really sitting in its place and creates a mess. Don't forget about the corridor. Take shoes that are lying all over the floor and put them back on the shoe rack. De-cluttering will take about ten minutes and after the process you will already see how much better the whole place looks. And this is only the first step.


Take out all dirty dishes from the sink and place them in the dishwasher. Empty the trash bin and put a new bag. Throw away the garbage or at least take it out of your home. Use the time until the dish washing circle is completed to clean around the house. This won't take you more than 5 minutes.


Wipe the most visible surfaces in the house, such as counter tops in the kitchen, dining table and coffee table in the living room. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the surfaces and use a dry cloth to quickly clean them. Do the same with the sink in the bathroom and the toilet seat. Also, wipe the mirror and the outer edge of the tub using the same cleaner. Sweep the most visible areas of the floor to remove more obvious dirt and give the place a clean look. This will take another ten minutes.


Change hand towels and place fresh ones in the bathroom and the kitchen. Put new bars of soap and fill the napkin holder. Count the chairs and add more if necessary. Replace the place mats on the table with clean ones. Take the clean dished out of the dishwasher and place wine glasses, plates and cutlery on the table. Organise them well so that the table looks stylish and grabs the attention. This will take about ten minutes.

Final Touch

Add a nice scent to your home by spraying the whole place with air freshener. Fluff cushions and arrange them on the couch. Place a vase with a flower on the table or a decorative bowl of fruit. You can also dim the lights and light a few candles. This is a good way to hide imperfections so that nobody realises you haven't cleaned the place thoroughly. This will take about five minutes.

In just forty minutes you are able to turn a messy house into a lovely place by fake-cleaning it so well, that no one will have a doubt that your home looks great and clean. Check out our tips on how to fake a clean house.

Author Bio: July Minor works as a professional cleaner for http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/carpet-cleaning-sw13-barnes/. She loves to write and share her knowledge about home improvement and cleaning.

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