Jan 17, 2014

Out with the Old and in with the Steam Cleaner

With flu season kicking into high gear, everyone is on the prowl for effective ways to keep germs out of their homes. While hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays may do the trick for a little while, a deep clean can do wonders for your health. But deep cleaning doesn't have to mean feverishly scrubbing down every inch of your home until your fingers go numb. This year I had grown tired of the same grueling cleaning frenzy and decided to drop the sponge in favor of something new.

I bought a steam cleaner.

When someone says steam cleaner, many people envision a clunky, expensive machine that doesn't live up to its hefty price tag. To be honest, that was my main concern starting out. But on the contrary, my new steam cleaner has turned my long cleaning rituals into the simplest tasks. How?

It can clean anything.

These bad boys can do everything from getting rid of black spots in grouting to smoothing wrinkled clothing. The steam cleaner is safe to use in a variety of grimy places like ovens, toilet bowls, windows, and sofas. If you can name it, the steam cleaner can probably clean it. Being able to use one tool for most of my jobs around the house dramatically cuts down the time it takes for me to tidy up. But is it safe to use near things like food?


The steam cleaner only uses steam when tackling even the filthiest messes. That means no chemicals! This makes it great for cleaning things like high-chairs and kitchen tables. The hot steam kills germs and bacteria while lifting dirt and grime right off of whatever surface you are cleaning. I love using my steam cleaner to disinfect my countertops. It cleans my entire kitchen in a snap, giving me a chance to actually use it instead of spend all of my time scrubbing it down.

And steam cleaners are easy to use.

I was skeptical at first, but after I bought mine I was hooked. First of all, there are many different styles to choose from. Some steam cleaners are specifically designed for flooring while others are more universal. Different sizes are also available depending on how big your cleaning jobs are. These lean mean cleaning machines are extremely simple to use, so you won't spend hours poring through a confusing instruction manual. Many of the new steam cleaning models are compact and easy to store with the rest of your cleaning supplies. The best part?

They are cheap.

While searching for a steam cleaner, I was surprised to find them on sale for as little as $39. They aren't hard to find, either. I found affordable steam cleaners in places like Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. This little guy is saving me money in the long run, as well. Now that use a steam cleaner, I don't need to buy nearly as many cleaning supplies. I save money on things like chemical disinfectant wipes while cleaning my home more efficiently.

With all of these perks, I wish I had given the steam cleaner a shot earlier. My home is now cleaner, healthier, and a lot easier to maintain. It was time to say goodbye to those dirty sponges and hello to a steam cleaner.

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