Jan 21, 2014

Punjabi Brides and the Most Important Day in their Life

Punjabi weddings are exceptionally colorful and joyful event. Guests appreciate the various wedding rituals regardless of age group. The wedding guests, relatives and friends attending the wedding love to wear colorful Punjabi traditional attire, while men wear kurta pyjama or sherwani.  The dresses worn by the bride and the groom are exceptionally resplendent. The bridal outfit, usually in red or pink, is the traditional attire of the Punjabi women.

Weddings in India differ from region to region. So is the attire of brides for every community. Brides in Punjab wear mostly traditional attire on the day of her wedding. Throughout the wedding day, the bride has to look beautiful and would prefer not to bargain on any other outfit and just select anything that is offered. The Lehanga –choli, one of the most preferred outfits, are worn by the Punjabi brides.

Punjabi weddings are distinguished from other community weddings for their full of energy and lively attitude to every wedding ritual.  The bride’s first step to don the wedding look begins with the groom and bride giving their confirmation to get married. This custom is known as "Roka" and is a happy occasion for the family members. Punjabi Brides glitter in the finest outfits on roka.

The Wedding Dress- one of the important decisions for the Punjabi bride

The most essential thing for bride's in India is their clothing and so even for brides of

Punjab, the wedding day clothing becomes very important. The brides wear colorful salwar-kameez or lehenga-cholis. At time of wedding, the brides mostly prefer wearing red, mostly studded with precious stones and intricate Indian work. Some prefer zari work or phulkari works which are simply Indian traditional art.

Wedding Jewelry

Different types of jewelry which could be artificial or precious metals depending on her preference and budget. Hoops, bangles, paayal, necklace and a maang tikka are some of the important pieces. Matching with the wedding outfit, the jewelry worn is a mix of gold, diamonds and precious stones. These pieces are an absolute necessity for most of the Punjabi Brides.

Beauty of the wedding dress enhanced with Chunni or Duppatta

A common thing about the wedding attire of most Punjabi brides is the heavy Chunni or dupatta they carry. The Chunni is something most of the brides carry and it is heavily embellished. Wrapped over the body and partially covering the head, Chunni or dupatta match with the wedding outfit.

Chooda: Another Distinctive Item for the Brides of Punjab
The chooda or bangles, which are made from ivory or plastic and is in red and white, mostly studded with stones. They are worn by the Punjabi Brides for no less than one year and depending upon the time period specified by their in-laws. In a wedding day ritual, the maternal uncle gifts these white and red set of bangles to the girl soon going to be the bride.

Mehendi or Henna:
A ritual, amid dance and songs, where the henna artists paint the hands and feet of the bride, something every Punjabi bride waits for. Beautiful patterns, some even secretly writing the groom’s name, are drawn.  Relatives, friends and family members participate in Mehendi ceremony.

These are important things associated with a Punjabi bride. From her wedding lehangas to her bridal Mehendi, everything is truly unique for her.

Author Bio: The writer shares about how Punjabi wedding function is loaded with delight particularly for the Punjabi Brides. Wedding Lehengas are accessible in distinctive style and examples as per the figure kind of the bride. Presently the bride's are lucky enough to pick the Lehanga for wedding and Pre-wedding events.

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