Jan 9, 2014

How to Get That Executive Job

Do you want to earn a job as an executive? If so, you need to start planning as soon as possible to get that role. With good planning, the right connections and hard work, you could be an executive for a great company in the next few months or years.

Talk to an Executive Recruitment Professional

The first thing that you should do is talk to a executive recruitment professional who can help you shape your resume and help you look like an executive. If you are lacking experience or the right type of education, your professional can tell you which classes you should take or which positions you should hold before you are ready to become an executive. You will also learn what clothes to wear or other grooming habits that you should adopt if you want to look the part in an interview.

Don't be Afraid to Leave Your Current Company

Some people think that you have to stay with your current company for several decades and become a trusted brand ambassador to get a top job. However, this is not true. Many companies will look externally to find their next great executive. If you want to be a CEO, COO or CIO, you should keep your eyes open for any job openings in your industry. In fact, you may even be able to find an executive job with a company outside of your industry if you have the right skills and experience.

Always Show People What You Are Doing

It is important that you keep yourself in the limelight. Doing so makes it easier to convince a company to trust you with a top position. In many cases, executives are hired because their names are in the news and being talked about on talk shows and other forms of media. Therefore, it is critical that you say and do things that are productive and will keep your name on the top of short lists to be hired for an executive position.

Strike While You Can

The window of opportunity to get an executive job could close on you without warning. While you shouldn't take a job that you don't feel comfortable with, make sure that you don't turn down too many positions. Doing so could be taken as a sign that you are not ready or not able to do the job well.

If you want to be an executive, you have to work hard and plan for getting that position from your first day on the job. Talking to an executive recruitment specialist can help you network with other executives while helping you fill in any gaps that may exist on your resume.

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